Health is from birth to death, right?

There are themes to underperforming offices which include the doctor isn’t authentic, way too much attention is paid to symptoms, there isn’t patient education, AND you become a doormat to your practice members.

Most DCs know there is a lot more to Chiropractic than adult pain relief. Sticking to this narrower dimension removes criticism, rejection, and rolling eyeballs. You act like a bewildered parent, and just give the practice members what they want.

You may regularly adjust your kids, but you let lots of people slide. Before you know it, your office is 80% low back and neck pain that’s heavily regulated by insurance and time consuming paperwork.

When we put emphasis on only symptoms, wellness, kids, and difficult cases fly out the window. Having a family practice has never been more fun and recession proof than it is today!

If we focus on the adjustment only and how people are feeling, patient education becomes optional.  If we have a complete system of patient education in place for all of our practice members, it actually becomes more important than the actual adjustment!

Too many doctors are not assuming leadership roles and are letting practice members tell them what to do and who to be. Being a people pleaser is deadly. Letting insurance guidelines run your practice is the beginnings of a slippery slope.

When we allow the inmates to run the asylum, these conditions naturally spill over into your family life.

After awhile attempting to be all things to all people takes the adventure and mystery of life away as well as the profit and fun.

While some of the profession is moving away from Chiropractic, there is still so much opportunity to become an once-in-a-lifetime DC!

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