Patients are not the enemy!!

Too many DCs plan their financials on what’s best for their office and not what’s best for their patients. It’s not your fault! Growing up under the shadow of the MD complex, which is built on the pillars of profit over people, it’s so natural to view patients as adversaries. It doesn’t even raise an eyebrow.

What if you could be extremely profitable using a humanitarian instead of a business model?

How would you feel if you knew your doctor actually listened to people, organizations, and institutions that don’t care if you, the patient, is sick or well?

How would your patients feel if they knew you were preparing for them with closing techniques, sales, and typical marketing pressures?

There has to be a better way, and there is!

When you care every patient like they are your mother, there is an immediate culture change in your office.

When you have a shared interest above and beyond the finances, something magical happens.

Instead of your insurance section being the focal point in your office, gone are the arguments, the disgruntled patients, and your office having to take the hit for the insurance company policies.  

Using the humanitarian model utilizes available insurance; however, it doesn’t depend on it. If people have it and wish to use it, okay, if not, here is a care plan.

Don’t be an unpaid employee for an institution that actually doesn’t care if you exist.

Keep the relationship between you and the patient and remember that you serve the patient, not the other way around!