How dare you challenge the culture of Chiropractic!

Many DCs just have it going on! They have appreciative patients who get it and love to refer people in just like themselves. Entering their offices is like going to a giant party.  Plus, these DCs have an opportunity to truly make a difference in the life of each of their patients. Though insurance coverage is a factor, it's never the deciding factor. Patients who trust you pay inside or outside of insurance.

 How about other DCs that have just not figured it out?  They keep hammering stubbornly at the old and outdated way of practicing Chiropractic and expecting a new generation of consumers to grasp it.  Well, they’re not grasping it, and they are not digging Chiropractic like they should be. 

 Are you willing to change your ways to attract more Millennials and Gen X’s or will you dig your heels in and continue to practice an outdated model?

 Conventional wisdom says you have to do what other DCs are doing

 Sorry to break the yolk in your eggs, but the new generation of patients, especially parents, respond differently to making health care choices than other generations.  We see this trend with brand new DCs earning Wendy's-like allowances.  Even if you’ve been in practice for a few years, to prosper or continue to prosper, you will have to update how you communicate to your patients.

Putting profit before people is never a good idea

 If you are allowing insurance companies to bully you into agreeing with subpar recommendations and consequent subpar clinical outcomes, you are putting profit and convenience ahead of what’s best for your patients. It appears like there are no solutions to this problem when you don't know how to do things differently. I'm here to tell you there are solutions.

Parents won’t bring their kids in for long-term care

 We are the only doctors who insist on not caring for kids.  THE ONLY DOCTORS IN THE WORLD!  This stubbornness goes against nature, against equality and keeps us in the dark ages of health care.  Parents are desperately searching for doctors who can care for their kids on an ongoing basis.  DCs are the only doctors who make improvements to the Central Intelligence Agency of kids' bodies. Some DCs choose to move away from kids. Why not move toward kids and wellness so you won't be chained to an outdated, adult, back pain relief model?       

Patients won’t comply with real recommendations so I water them down

 Stick to your real recommendations.  Get turned down telling the truth rather than watering down what you know to be true to be accepted by patients.  Most clients in the fitness industry would love to work out zero times, pay zero dollars and obtain million dollar fitness results. It’s not just with Chiropractic. Until people trust you, don't expect their best effort.

I have to have other income producing activities and gadgets in my office to make it

 Talk about an outdated model!  Think of an alpha, top of the food chain brain surgeon sharing space with a nutritional advisor and an energy worker…AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!  There’s nothing wrong with doing anything under the scope of practice you choose, but keep this in mind: people pay and respect ‘category of one’ doctors, not generalists.

DCs come from a heritage and legacy of bold, adventurous, almost bigger than life personas.  Today, DCs hold their tongues too much and do what everyone else is doing. Don’t give up your right to practice the way you choose, earn a rock star income and help people very few DCs can.

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