I’m here to help, not to prove or convince

Are you still thinking about joining TNR?  Maybe you watched one of our webinars, received one of our eBooks, or have had a video conference with me. At first you felt a glimpse of hope: here was a person you could have in your corner to help you turn around your office in an exponential way.  But then it happens…

Life gets busy: kids, spouses, hobbies, day-to-day concerns, debt, insurance hassles, fear of audits, and the short-term behavior of patients all add up to causing you to procrastinate once again.  I’m not emailing you to convince or prove that I can help you, but rather to let you know that it would be my privilege and honor to help you.

Getting off course can happen to anyone.  There are numerous ways this happens: spending too much time worrying about CAs not doing a great job, EHR systems, endless surfing of the web, billing software, worrying about debt instead of doing something about it, watering down recommendations according to a patient's insurance coverage, not having care above and beyond symptomatic care, relationship drama, concerns about the kids, etc.

Despite all of these things, one thing is for sure: your practice still needs to grow regardless of any obstacles!

Great Chiropractors have challenges as well, but they don’t let them stop them.

Too many times we give in to external distractions that keep us from doing what we really need to do: once and for all get and keep our practice going.

TNR is all about identifying bold, audacious DCs who have practices that either don’t reflect their greatness or practices that have slipped.

It's easy to blame our practice inadequacies on external factors like insurance, competition, saying that people are too busy for Chiropractic, etc.

Here is a quote from a DC that, like you, received material from TNR and then decided to do something about her circumstances. Boy, did she ever!

I am thankful for your belief in me.  Despite some low ebbs.  I feel incredibly powerful right now.  I am also grateful for your guidance in living life from a whole new perspective.  One of love (especially self-love), lack of codependence, and honor to my true self.  I know I am still a fledgling…but the progress I have made feels so good.  Thank you for welcoming me into your tribe.  

Everyone reading this email is capable of turning their lives around with the right person in their corner.  Don’t be fooled by substitutes, bright shiny objects or the like.

Joining signals to the universe that you’re ready to receive help and begin to grow.  Online coaching is okay but it can be compared to fitness training. Which do you think would produce better results, online fitness training or offline fitness training? Virtual effort equals virtual results. Wii exercise is a cheap substitute for the real thing. Experiential effort equals exponential results.

Some of the sweetest moments of your life were fueled by having someone in your life that held you accountable in a fun, challenging way.

Do something crazy and spontaneous: click the Free Consultation link under Free Content above or give us a call today to begin your coaching voyage back to purpose, passion and prosperity.