Kids are the most overlooked entity in most Chiropractic offices: discover the surprising connection between kids and ultra-success!

There is an overwhelming trend in Chiropractic to move towards adult musculoskeletal pain and away from family care.  Whenever the majority in society are doing anything, it always creates a HUGE opportunity for people who are strong enough to go against the prevailing beliefs. 

 DCs who have the training and guts to see kids front and center stand apart from all DCs in their communities.  Not only do they differentiate themselves from ‘garden variety’ DCs, parents will seek them out, pay inside and outside of insurance, and drive long distances to get care at their offices.  There has never been an opportunity like this before in Chiropractic!

 To many DCs, Millennials are a frustrating conundrum.  They don’t appear to be motivated about anything (except their devices) and don’t respond the way their parents did.  Often times they are very misunderstood.  If you can’t relate and communicate to them, no problem, they will seek someone who can!

Millennials don’t drive Oldsmobiles!

 They would rather walk (okay, stay home on their computers) than be caught dead in an Oldsmobile.  They love unique, humanitarian, social-cause related businesses and services.  Most are very under-educated about Chiropractic and think it’s all about short-term back and neck issues.

A clue to how they take in data from the world is how they treat their dogs.  If you spell D-O-G backwards it's about how they treat their dogs.  If you think they spoil and faun over their dogs, you should see how they treat their kids!

Once they figure out that you are the only doctor who actually can do something to improve the nerve system potential in their kids, they are amazingly committed to their care!  Even though many Millennials are still imprisoned to the disease model of medical care, enough of them are looking for a more natural approach to health and are willing to pay out of pocket.

When you make the experience in your office welcoming and inviting for Millennials, they respond by bringing in their kids.  Here’s a very recent example by some Millennial-savvy DCs:

We have a world project called Love Has No Color that helps restore the health, hope and dignity of Native American kids on a reservation in Montana.  A few of our members came up with an incredible idea to create more social cause in their offices.  For every patient that pre-pays up front, the DCs donate 5% of the payment to LHNC on the patient’s behalf.

Many reading this don’t get what is happening, and as a result not enough kids are coming into your office.  Let’s say it’s an 8-year old boy that has bedwetting issues and anxiety.  He will receive a certificate, a tee shirt or a signed card from the good folks at LHNC.  He shows it to his parents and says ”Look Mom and Dad, by getting healthy at the Chiropractor, I’m helping kids on a reservation in Montana. Isn’t that cool?”  Do you think they might look at their Chiropractor differently?  Do you think they would want to refer in others just like them?  Do you think they might cyber snoop to see what it's all about?  The answer is an emphatic yes to all of these questions.

Parents today are more discerning about health care for their children.  They are not without choices.  To attract Millennials and their kids, your office needs to be more than just adult pain relief patients.  You must create a community and an experience that doesn’t get old.  In fact, coming into your office becomes the new family time. This serves all of their needs in a unique way.

Don’t be outdated like the pay phone.  Get on the path to passion, purpose and prosperity in your office by seeing lots of kids.

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