How do you find a great DC?

In almost every town in a fairly populated state, you can find a Chiropractor. Have you ever attempted to find a Chiropractor for a relative or a practice member that’s moving. You can always find a Chiropractor, but how about a once in a lifetime or a Chiropractor who is all in. Don’t bother referring them if they aren’t great and if you wouldn’t go to them yourself or send your kids. Here are some factors that may help.

Do they see kids and adults or only adults? If they only see adults, they may be helpful with removing symptoms, but they are refusing to see a huge part of the population. They are limiting their practice voluntarily. It’s none of your business if it’s because they don’t have the training, couldn’t be bothered, or don’t think the health of kids matter. Run like hell.

Do they offer care for acute injuries, condition based care, and wellness or just for symptomatic relief? There is nothing wrong with symptomatic relief, however, it’s like weight loss, how about being fit for life?

Do they have a weekly Health Awareness Seminar and patient education opportunities? Without patient education, the purpose of their office will always defer back to symptom relief only. How else will parents learn about the absolute need for Chiropractic for their kids in sickness and in health?

Look at the reviews on social media and as counterintuitive as it sounds, there better be a less than 5 star or two review. If there aren’t, it’s a Chiropractor attempting to be all things to all people. This is like a customer eating a meal at your restaurant one time and judging you. You’ve spent a lifetime developing your restaurant and a yahoo that smokes and has dentures is going to rate your restaurant! Run like hell.

Is the doctor involved with humanitarian efforts? Being a Chiropractor carries rights and privileges as well as responsibilities. It’s always a great sign to see a Chiropractor involved in something he/she truly believes in. You can trust in a humanitarian Chiropractor.

Do they have testimonials on display for potential new patients to view? Do they only speak of symptom relief or do they speak of the type of care, the feeling of safety, of being the only patient that doctor has, etc.? Look for the vibe, the reading between the lines. Did their life change by going to Dr. X? Getting rid of pain is good as far as it goes, but it isn’t great. You want to hear about the doctor that goes the extra mile for his/her patients. You also want to hear about miracles.

If they are active on social media and have a significant footprint, what do they blog about? Is it all about getting new patients, giveaways, and new products to buy or is it caring for everybody and connecting? There is a big difference. Do you get a sense of community or the old fashioned vibe of going to the doctor only when you’re sick? 

Get on the phone or video chat with the doctor. Again, you can get a sense of the type of person they are. A rule of mine is I never recommend a Chiropractor unless I have coached them or I would go to them personally. Don’t refer a relative or departing practice member to somebody just because they live near them.