How much of a people pleaser are you?

You may be a people pleaser if…your people love you but they love to talk about everything BUT their health. They only come in for adult pain relief only, not for kids, wellness, or difficult cases. They also only want to be seen if insurance covers it. And you let them get away with all of this!

The more of a people pleaser you are, the more you are imprisoned by other people’s opinions and expectations. You are being held hostage. You walk on eggshells, are afraid to speak your own truth, and are always shying away from confrontation.

Always remember the study and classification of disease is not health.

You live a life of being told what to do: to be obedient and to be subservient to others and your own needs and desires are always put on the back burner.

What a waste of ability, capability, and leadership! You can’t listen to the demands of people who don’t know about health.

By being a people pleaser, you cave to the unrealistic demands of practice members. If you were a personal trainer, you would laugh at a person who wanted to solve their fitness challenges in only a handful of visits. Yet this is the game played in your office on a daily basis: Let’s make a deal! You know the solution and how to accomplish it and imagine that…they don’t, even though they think and talk like they do.

This people-pleasing behavior isn’t confined to your office. It invades your marriage, parenting, and relationships with your parents.

The majority of associates have this glaring weakness and, as a result, their income and family economics are limited.

The good news is that there is hope. Over the years I have personally witnessed the transformation of many great Chiropractors who got backed in a corner and promised themselves they would not allow another day of acting like this and not being taken seriously.

That’s when they reached out to me.

Recovering people pleasers not only ask for and receive more commitment from practice members, they get more help and cooperation at home as well.

As counterintuitive as it sounds, people need to be directed and guided by someone they can trust.

Kids growing up without boundaries, schedules, and routines don’t feel safe and their behavior will reflect this absence of leadership.

Your practice members can’t reclaim their health and wellness by themselves.

They can’t do it, it’s beyond their understanding, and, sooner or later, they will have to put their trust in someone.

That someone should be you if you are willing to change and become a leader instead of a people pleaser. 

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