Accepting help can be a blessing

Under regular, pre-mass hysteria, one of the most challenging things for people to do is accept help. We love to figure things out on our own, do our own research on the internet, and keep searching even if the very solutions we are looking for are at our fingertips.  Now as the dust is beginning to settle, accepting help is no longer optional, it’s essential.  It’s what will separate successful DCs from DCs who will feel the financial effects for years to come.

One of the most frustrating things facing DCs daily is the insistence of potential practice members that they don’t need the help. They will figure it out on their own, it’s not that bad, get a second opinion, go home and ask their spouses or do some digital substitution or imitation or some other form of a quick fix.

What is more frustrating than attending kids sports or school activities (remember them?) and seeing the struggling, sick kids that you can help, but you never will get the opportunity to do so.

Is it any different when it comes to guidance about your practice? Most DCs are not that different from practice members when it comes to stubbornness. My daughter used to say “help self” and push my hand away when going up or down stairs. Some DCs would rather struggle or just get by than invest in themselves to become successful.  

Accepting help is a miracle!

If there ever was a time that you need a Miyagi in your corner, it’s now. You can’t afford to hope things go back to normal. If you are merely attempting to get back to where you were, you’re playing not to lose, you’ve got to play to win. You have to upgrade your office today and get off the bandwagon of accepting that your practice must suffer.

We have many coaching members that are reporting record months in collections and new patients during the plague. Others are off 10-15% but are still strong and vibrant. The point being, they accept help and are not willing to struggle and attempt to figure it out on their own.  

TNR has always been about bold and adventurous DCs becoming the humanitarian, ultra-successful owners they always wanted to be. Have more time for family, hobbies and other pursuits while becoming a once-in-a-lifetime DC.

From start ups to established practitioners, the principles of growth are the same.

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