Will you answer the call?

As more and more people are picking up the pieces of the mass hysteria, they don’t know what happened to them, there are no solutions in sight, and you can’t get the time or $ back, despite government stimulus or claims. A piece of your life was taken from you.

How can a DC be considered non-essential? If you insist on practicing the outdated, pain relief only model, you’ve already found out the hard way. If you’re open-minded enough however to at least entertain there is something above and beyond back pain, you will be rewarded.

When I graduated, once upon a time, I was first in my class from a college that emphasized low back pain, sports injury, and was fighting for recognition from insurance companies and the medical profession. They were always trying to prove themselves as essential to a non-believing medical people. Like the osteopaths, they were only too willing to abandon what little Chiropractic philosophy they had in exchange for acceptance and recognition from the majority.

If I had not upgraded my beliefs from outside in to inside out, I would have been classified as non-essential. I would have gladly closed my office to be in solidarity with my medical brothers and sisters. I actually would have made that choice gladly based on my beliefs at the time.

It’s with this humility that I don’t shame or judge DCs who did just that.

Fast forward and I exchanged the limiting pain model for a subluxation based one. Kids, adults, difficult cases, and the wellness model. It fits today’s uncertain times but it’s also recession proof. This is evident by my coaching clients who are growing exponentially even during this time of lockdown.

What does back pain have to do with current world events? That’s right nothing! But if you’re open minded enough to entertain upgrading your practice to more of a vitalistic outlook, you will begin to grow immediately. You are in demand! You don’t turn your back on pain and aches, you add to it.

Millennials and Gen X’s demand that you do something above and beyond back pain relief. With the next generation of kids with such neurological challenges the only real question is will you answer the call or be relegated to non-relevant?

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