If you need a referral immediately, you’d look on the internet, right?

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What if one of your worst nightmares comes true? Your child, spouse, or parent becomes very ill and it’s a life or death situation, not a case for just any doctor. Who do you turn to find a specialist? Do you search the internet or look on Angie’s list, etc? The answer will surprise the heck out of you.

 An amazing phenomenon is happening in the digital age. Relationships are getting more and more distant, even though you think you’re connected. Trust is at an all-time low.

In every field of endeavor, there is a Miyagi or Cesar Milan type person who stands heads and shoulders above the common majority. If you have an urgent need for the once-in-a-lifetime expert, all others will pale in comparison.

You’ve got to find this person, but where do you look?

The problem is they are hard to find since they tend to shy away from social media. They have the capability and credibility you are looking for, not the celebrity and popularity that is mistakenly thought of as the same thing today. They are not the same thing and you can lose your life not knowing the difference.

You find these Miyagi or Cesar Milan types only through direct referral by people in the know, not by reading someone's opinion online. For example, a restaurant blogger eats a single meal in a restaurant and then blogs about it. They base their opinion on one meal, not multiple meals. You will pay a premium price for Miyagi or Cesar Milan type doctors because they know their true worth.

They are almost hidden, except to the people they have helped. Fame and popularity don’t appeal to them. They view what they do as sacred, not a business to be scaled. They have unusual levels of skill and compassion; they don’t merely meet expectations, they exceed them.

Do you really think all Chiropractors are alike? Do you think all Chiropractors produce equal results? Do all professional hockey players score the same number of goals each year and also get paid the same? They don't!

I guess it’s okay to rely on someone else’s online opinion when picking a restaurant but when it’s a must-win situation, it has to be from a person who knows and has had direct experience.

You want a doctor who forms good old fashioned relationships with people. Trust needs to be established between two people. This is a lost art today. Too many people think a doctor with a large online following is the same as a doctor who creates real relationships of trust, person to person. These relationships take time and effort to forge and will last a lifetime.

When my wife and I started our practice, we helped a man from our town with a neck problem. He had seen many doctors and therapists but had gotten no results.

Because we wanted to be the best Chiropractors we could be, we adjusted him 7 days a week. We didn't treat him as a business relationship or transaction, something to be done and forgotten about. We wanted to help this man to the best of our abilities and we delivered results. He sensed something different in us.

He was one of the most influential men in our community and he made it his business to refer everybody he talked to into our office. One of his friends that he referred was a real estate agent who eventually showed us the house we bought and live in. He gave my wife a horse the very first day we moved in. He is the godfather of our oldest daughter. His reciprocity and kindness knew no bounds.

He made it his business to help us in our success. 

Lots of authors write really well but if you were to meet them you would probably be disappointed. Their writing is articulate and logical but they might not sound like that in person. Online reviews are similar. People who can move your molecules and make you feel hope and optimism when you meet them are more impressive and so much more powerful.

Don’t be like the authors mentioned above; be a doctor people can rely on and trust.

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