Since when does less care equal more results?

Less care (1)

The mass hysteria is at heightened levels, so why are so many Chiropractors lowering their recommendations? Is it to be liked, accepted, or to fall in line with the prototype of the character portrayal of a Chiropractor in Two and a Half Men? Is it because they feel sorry for people who have lost their jobs, are under house arrest, or their kids are driving them nuts? Tell people the truth: you want something, you are going to have to work for it. Lowering recommendations only means you are part of the problem and not the solution.

 This concept is so counterintuitive, yet so true. Now people are armed with even more fear, doubt, and excuses as to why they can’t participate in your office. As a principled Chiropractor, you must toe the line and tell people what they need, not what they want.

Chiropractic has to be a household staple for immediate increased immunity, if for nothing else. Before March, nobody cared. Today, it’s front page internet news.

A personal trainer can lie to people about the work necessary to reach their goals, but they will be found out. Most honest people would rather have the truth told to them rather than having the truth watered down.

A parent to a son or daughter who continually tries but doesn't make the traveling sports team can tell their child, "Just try out again next year." Or the parent can tell their child the truth: they need to train and practice more to reach their goals. They may not appreciate being told the truth at the time, but as a great parent, you owe your child the truth.

Being easy on people doesn’t help people in the long run. At first, they may think they are getting away with something, but they are not. This is kind of like cheating to pass the test, but later in life, you will pay for your choices.

There are some people that just won’t follow your recommendations. Let them leave your office and go to a Chiropractor who allows the practice member to be in charge or lets an insurance company dictate how healthy a person can be.

You want people to be a part of something bigger. Chiropractic is not limited to immunity factors only; that’s the beauty of it. You want to grow a community of healthy, powerful, and independent thinking people who make their own decisions about health.

In every town, city, and province, there are people just waiting for the truth about health to be told.

Start telling people your truth today!

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