Is smallness the new normal?

Is smallness the new normal_

The mass hysteria has eclipsed month six and it’s not showing any signs of letting up. Some states require mandatory flu shots to enter schools or day-cares, people are being targeted and tracked by the authorities, Canadian heads of health are posting safe sex lessons on videos, many businesses have suffered economic ruin, including many Chiropractors, and our kids are wondering if a nuclear bomb had been dropped and nobody is telling them about it.

It is always the same with any widespread panic. Usually there is something significant that needs to be addressed but it is compounded by people falsely reporting the facts, making quick laws, and speaking as authorities about something that didn’t exist six months ago. How can anyone call themselves an expert with no training or experience with the thing they are now calling themselves an expert on?

Some things never change.

After the civil war there were more Black millionaires, but history will not report this in books and literature any more than telling both sides of the genocide of Native Americans by the European invasion.

The majority view always is king of the court and disease is the king of our current society’s court.

It is pretty hard to think about freedom, or anything else for that matter, when you are sick or afraid of becoming sick. You get stuck in a survival mode and are easily controlled.

Giving lopsided representations of people, diseases, ethnic groups, or any other institution that the media wants to give a tainted view to, is a way of controlling the general population.

If you can’t control the population’s thoughts, then make laws that will control their behavior. Make a common enemy, villainize it, and then fight against it. Dissenting views or voices will be severely dealt with. It was against the law to show kindness, civility, and humanity to Blacks, Native Americans, women, and other groups that were discriminated against during different periods in time.

Some things never change.

Chiropractors are being asked to wear masks and not speak up about the obvious benefits of care as regards the immune system, kids, and prevention and restoration of health. The facts, figures, death tolls, and Chiropractic being on the front lines in the 1918 pandemic are clear. Yet this information is completely ignored, dismissed as quaint and antiquated. Lives meant the same in 1918 as they do today.

As a Chiropractor, are you going to go it alone, mask your voice, abandon our true identity, and have a small practice that is limited in scope, economics, meaning, and purpose?

Is smallness the new normal?

Are you going to be obedient good little boys and girls or are you going to serve a higher power that puts people in front of profit, deception, and lies.

Are you going to stay in your lane and have personal best after personal best during this unprecedented madness that many Chiropractors will never fully recover from? You have a choice when it comes to saving people’s lives, if you have the courage to use it.

Being a part of something bigger than only your office brings a newfound purpose and passion back to your life. We call it flying in formation. You’re not going to do it by yourself.

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