How safe do your patients feel?


One of the most important features of any doctor-patient interaction is the feeling of safety. Most doctors are entirely clueless about this invisible factor that shapes your success or your futile search for it.

 With the world being turned upside down with the pandemic, safety is even more important now. It’s not about wearing a mask, spraying down your tables, or isolating from people. It’s much more than that.

It’s the invisible, teachable factor that allows Chiropractors with different techniques, class ranks, income levels, etc. to run circles around Chiropractors who either don’t understand this concept or choose to ignore it. You won’t learn this ability by adding advanced letters of academia next to your name. As we say to our members, "Ignore it at your own peril."

What is it? It’s the invisible communication techniques used between you and your patients. Do you create a sense of safety for the patient and a feeling that they belong to something bigger rather than just being a practice member? Do your patients believe they can trust you or are they putting up with you until the insurance runs out or their symptoms have abated?

How long a practice member stays in your office is a good indication. If you are mired in the never-never land of a handful of visits, it is not your ability, technique, or academia that is at fault, it is your lack of communication skills.

Many Chiropractors are continuously searching for low-quality new patients that only stay for a few visits and then they have to be replaced. These patients never get to experience the far-reaching effects of Chiropractic.

The real kick in the butt is that doing something like this not only limits your clinical results, it also limits your income. Talk about a double bummer!

Making eye contact, being in close proximity (6 feet distancing will prevent this), making it about them, and entering their worlds to truly understand the emotional and family dynamics of the person’s problem will create community and safety.

You know you are a great Chiropractor. Does your office reflect this greatness? Remember, your patients don’t feel safe in an insane world.

Safety, community, and trust are the new currency of success!