We never fully have the real story…


We may not have crystal clarity about what is going on, but we are still called upon by a higher power to act as if we know, understand, and care.

 In your entire lifetime, you had never been ordered to give up your freedoms, your children’s liberty, and what you knew to be true. But now you are being forced by man-made laws to turn your back on people who desperately need real Chiropractic, not watered down Chiropractic.

What are you going to do?

 Smallness is the new, old game in town. Regulatory boards are insisting that Chiropractors cut their numbers down to comply with made-up laws. WHAT? Chiropractors should be having record numbers for improving the immunity of everyone in their community. Will you just keep pretending you are an adult, back pain doctor who is completely insurance imprisoned, masked, and defanged? Or will you stand up to your true greatness and destiny?

Even if society doesn’t know about what Chiropractic can do, do you feel you need the applause, public recognition, and permission by big brother before you do your job?

The emotional and mental needs of kids have been abandoned while society participates in the mass hysteria. The needs of all kids will not go away just because the world is distracted by something else.

Families have been forced to stay at home and to be together by law. The state and government tell the parents what is good for them and their family and the parents no longer make these decisions. Smells like socialism, perhaps with a little lipstick on.

Education is not about learning anymore. It’s about doing fire drills and senseless sanitation procedures that pit the safety of a very small percentage of our society ahead of the majority's needs for learning.

As if obesity needs additional traction in our society, now playing sports is becoming complicated and rules of social engagement and distancing take precedent over physical fitness.

A senior in high school won’t be able to be the captain of his football team because football has been canceled. Society congratulates him and says well done, we all have to do our part like a good comrade.

A kid that is self-mutilating is being sentenced to remote learning and is allowed to continue the trend without any supervision.

Child abuse of all kinds is at historic lows or is it? It seems to be at historic lows because most of the reports come from teachers, not the parents. It’s an inconvenient dark truth. This check and balance system for the abused kids has been dismantled. Now teachers are more concerned about their own personal safety, with some preferring online, remote learning. Others don't want to get too close to the kids or are just too distracted to observe the signs of abuse.

A little kid who was anxious and wouldn’t come out of his room asked his parents if someone dropped a nuclear bomb on our country. These kids need us.

Most of society thinks this is an adult game: maybe they lost their job, they were classified as essential or non-essential, having travel restrictions, squealing on their neighbor for having a gathering without masks, actually having fun being tested and subjected to laypeople taking their temperature, not being able to get your hair cut, being asked personal medical questions, etc.  But the reality is, the kids will bear the burden and its effects of this debacle in our history for years to come.

Chiropractors, you are at a crossroads. Do you demonstrate the Chiropractic principles you know to be true or do you hunker down until it’s safer to speak about something other than adult, pain relief?

 The heavy lifting always has been done by the few brave Chiropractors who put the calling of a higher power ahead of mass hysteria. 

Don’t let anything or anyone shame you or talk you out of being the best Chiropractor you can be by helping people become and stay healthy.

If you want to really do something for society, see as many people as you can. Love and care for them like you would for your own family.

Join the other brave and courageous Chiropractors on the front lines.