In the Head of Dr. Ed: The best way for a person to understand the Big Idea is to keep them in your office

I had a doctor the other day ask me a question. They asked, “If a parent doesn’t bring their children into the practice, do you discontinue seeing them?” I replied, “The reason they aren’t bringing their children in yet is because you as the doctor have not built a deep enough belief in Chiropractic for them to understand that Chiropractic care is a family affair.” The only way you would ever get them to bring their children in is if they stay in your office. You see, the longer they are in your office, the more exposure they will have to Chiropractic and the Chiropractic Lifestyle. If you push them away they will just leave frustrated and hurt and go on to some other Chiropractor who will just see them for their low back pain and not educate them any further. Here is the problem with that: you lose a patient and they may never have the chance to bring their children in because they no longer come to your office. Now they may never truly learn what Chiropractic really is.

In TNR, the patient educational program is second to none. It is designed to take the patient on a journey of health and wellness not only for themselves, but it also explains to them the importance of why everyone in the family needs to be under care. Have patience and nurture the patient along this journey. Some patients get “IT” faster than others and some just take time. You see we communicate, educate, and inspire our patients to make better choices when it comes to their health as opposed to marketing and selling the patient into care. It is so powerful when a patient makes the choice for wellness care for themselves and their family. This means that you taught them a new way to look at health than what they have been exposed to before and they chose to take action in that direction. The overall result is one happy patient and one healthy family. However, the greatest result of all is a person who becomes a lifetime patient in your office because they know it’s the right thing to do.

Remember this, take your time, master your TNR procedures, and watch the magic happen. Patients want what you have. They just don’t know what that “IT” is until you teach them. Once the patient realizes the true benefits of Chiropractic Wellness Care, they will not only participate, but participate with their whole family. That means you and your office becomes a major player in making sure that Healthier People does = a Healthier Planet and that my friend is what The New Renaissance is all about.

So educate, communicate, and inspire your patients to participate in higher levels of care in your office and leave the marketing and selling to the insurance salesperson and whoever. You want a long term multi-generational Chiropractic practice. Not a multi-disciplined one generation, pain-only practice.

Welcome to the world of TNR!!


Dr. Ed