You once had a dream to become a successful, caring DC and then somewhere along the line you settled and accepted someone else’s dream. You know you could be doing a whole lot better and helping a lot more people than you currently are. Have you thrown in the towel and blamed your situation on external factors like other DCs, CAs, lack of insurance coverage, people in your town don’t want Chiropractic etc? What if there was a way to reclaim your lost dream?

Reclaim your lost dream on April 13th in Detroit

We speak with DCs daily that are great DCs but have practices that don’t reflect their true talents and abilities. It’s not their technique, their lack of willingness, their degree, or philosophy. Every DC has greatness within, the only question is: are they willing to find out how to express it? If you’ve lost your dream, your practice and life are going to be compromised.

What if you have been practicing outdated Chiropractic? Are you using dial up as well?

New Patients: Probably the most overrated factor in practice success. If it is the solution, then why do brand new practitioners and established practitioners crave the same thing?

Find out where all practice frustration comes from: No matter how many times you tell the Harvey Lillard story, they still don’t hear you.

I’m satisfied with my current practice: We find that most DCs have settled and accepted helping far fewer people not because they want to but because they have to.

Seeing children makes me uncomfortable: If you added just one segment of the population, your practice would explode. Kids are the most recession proof part of practice.

Everyone either wants to help more people or earn more money: Why not have both? Devaluing Chiropractic will not help you out of your circumstances.

Did you know that all guests get a free, scrumptious lunch with Dr. Ed and Dr. Kevin?

It’s a great way of us getting to know each other at the seminar. We have found over the years that the best way of understanding the needs of our guests is by breaking bread with them. There is time to ask questions about our coaching program and we will specifically talk to you about our program. In addition to eating with Dr. Ed and Dr. Kevin, you will have a successful DC waiting for you upon arrival to the seminar to show you around. You will sit at their table, and will go from stranger to welcome guest in a few short minutes. You will sense the family spirit and nature of TNR. A homecoming of sorts of like-minded DCs who love being principled Chiropractors.