Do You Believe?

I hadn’t realized I was teaching a lesson on beliefs, until it was brought to my attention in a chapter of a book I was reading from the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series.  This realization led to this article and to the title “Do You Believe?”  Now I want you to really listen to this question.  I don’t care what the answer is and don’t ask me what my answer is because what I believe doesn’t matter.  It is what you believe that makes the difference.  A young doctor asked me, “Where do I get my drive from?  How do you stay so motivated and enthused about what you do all the time?”  The student continued to say, “I’ve seen you both professionally and personally and your passion and drive amazes me.  Just tell me how you do this so I can do the same.”

This wasn’t the first time that I’ve been asked this question and it wasn’t until I read Robert Kiyosaki’s (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) response to one of his students to a similar question, that I realized I had a similar life experience.  When asked this question, it was usually at a time when there wasn’t adequate time to give the true answer.  So I would answer with the obvious responses like, “I’m driven,” or “I love my profession and I love what I do, etc.”  These are all good answers, but not the true answer. One day, I was asked this question again by a young doctor that I was having lunch with and I decided to address the question with the answer that it deserved.  I told the student that if they could imagine a world out there with no crime, no jails, no wars, world peace, a greater quality of life, and more abundance financially, personally, and spiritually, and that they would have a distinct effect on this world in a positive manner by providing lifetime Chiropractic wellness care, wouldn’t they be motivated also?  I then asked, if this world existed and you knew that you would be a major player in this world, wouldn’t you go and find it?

The student looked at me confused.  They said, “Come on, Dr. Plentz.  There is no such world.  Just give me the real answer.  You don’t really believe that there is such a place, do you?”  I replied, “It doesn’t matter what I believe.  And by your answer I think I know what you believe.”  The student looked at me, still confused.  I don’t think the student ever comprehended the lesson to that question and how his belief or lack of belief will dictate his future and the future of all those that he will touch.  You see, I do believe that the world can be a better place with less crime, no jails, no wars, world peace and a quality of life that is unimaginable.  I believe in a world of great abundance providing to me all of my dreams.  You see this is what drives me.  It is this perfect world that fuels my passion to keep on keeping on.

Dr. Joe Flesia, my Chiropractic coach and mentor always told me, “Ed, believe and you will see.  If you truly believe in something, it will reveal itself to you and become reality.”  Just think, doctors, if everyone in our profession believed this. Just think how different our world would be.  So I ask you, “What do you Believe?”  Be careful now, because your beliefs may just become reality.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      – Dr. Ed Plentz