Insurance or Cash?


Admit it, most of your headaches each week come from insurance. You have a staff member (or two) that are your VIP teammates, not because of their caring for your office, but because they are the means to get you paid. They strut around the office in such a way, that you would think they are doing you a favor by working in your office. They view your very own patients as adversaries because they are always wiggling out of paying. When was the last time your insurance billing person referred in a new patient…ever?

When was the last time you had a patient want to speak to the doctor about their care? Not the coverage of their care but the care itself. Chiropractic offices now spend as much as 40% of their time chasing insurance companies and patients for services already rendered rather than patient care!


You only have so many hours to devote to your practice per week. Like a pie, each activity takes up space. You are having to invest more time and effort to procure new patients than ever before. You are spending more time than ever before with administration, insurance billing and the like. Your patient time is dwindling, BIG TIME!    


Like a hospital model, the actual patient/doctor time is the smallest part of the whole operation and the results reflect this: huge offices for administration, insurance billing, patient right advocates, paperwork overseers, privacy, and very little effort placed toward patient care.


TNR takes no position on insurance, technique, politics, etc. Vehicles are constantly changing, but principles don’t. Insurance or cash? It’s purely a matter of individual choice. Please note that paying for an employee to bill and chase rendered services decreases the bottom line of your original adjustment fee and what you actually collect, while also increasing your overhead. If you're okay with all this time wasting effort associated with insurance billing and the decreased growth of third-party pay, continue to endure the agony.

The point is: know you have a choice!

Cutting yourself off from insurance is not terminal like many DCs think it is. Ask our brother and sister DCs north of the border in Canada how practice is without any form of insurance.


It’s been the experience of TNR for decades that when the playing ground has been leveled, the best doctors (not the best insurance coders) rise to the top and stay there. There are more Canadian DCs knocking it out of the park with cash practices.


Letting insurance companies dictate and influence you is a bias in your office you can do without. In fact, you meet the nicest patients who pay cash. They never would think of ripping you off or not showing up for an exam. They don’t usually miss appointments and if they do, they call or text. In short, they are a delight to work with and they get superior clinical results.  


We received a call recently from a twelve-year practitioner who was just audited and has had enough of doing the paperwork necessary to grant him permission to be an "acceptable doctor."  You could just hear the pain and humiliation in his voice when he asked in all sincerity, "can you truly practice cash only today?"


The answer is a resounding yes. If you’re done working for free with insurance companies, or simply want to lessen your dependence on them, call or click TNR today and we will help you on that path.


Didn’t every DC get into Chiropractic to

practice the way they choose to?  Let freedom ring.