This Chiropractic Survey is SHOCKING

When you graduated, you were looking at your future with optimistic eyes.  Now that you’ve been out of college for a few years…what happened?  The surprising truth will shock you!

Most DCs have invisibly placed themselves in an outdated, pain relief only model and leave out the other, more fulfilling, financially satisfying parts of practice.  If you’ve noticed less retention, more paperwork, more administrative focus and less fun in practice, it’s because you’re not practicing on your terms.

Taking this Baseline Chiropractic Assessment has helped lots of DCs just like you discover their true potential.  If you don’t know where you are, it’s very difficult to get to where you want to be. The Baseline Assessment clearly and simply provides you with this information.


This DC thought she could make Chiropractic care affordable to all people and then they would respect her.  LOL.  Look at all the signs of stress, despair, complete devastation of her financial life among other areas.  Earning less than $600 a week is in nobody’s best interest!


When you take this survey, you will notice that not all of the boxes pertain to you. And that is OKAY. The point of this exercise isn’t to fill everything in, just to fill them in. The point is to have that “a-ha” moment, where you realize that you are lacking in certain areas where you could be doing better...much better.


Now that you’ve filled out the survey, TAKE THE ACTION STEP!  You can set up a video conference with Dr. Kevin or you can attend an intimate 3 hr. LIVE workshop (Nov 30 Charlotte, NC & Dec 7 Nashville, TN) which your completed survey is the central theme for solutions to practice problems.


Using an outdated model of practice is frustrating and limits your true potential every time.  So many great DCs don’t have a chance to express their true potential because of the model they are invisibly practicing.


If you’re ready to upgrade, take the action step today!