Does size really matter?

There is a growing trend among DCs to play small in an effort to avoid, deny, or escape the reality that Chiropractic is more than adult pain relief.  Sharing space, downsizing, and just barely getting by are all signs that your practice is struggling. That, accompanied by increased skepticism, insurance woes, and an overall negative outlook scream that your dream of helping more people and kids achieve wellness is slipping away.

I have observed something with guiding more than a thousand DCs; it’s that until the individual is recognized, nothing will happen for the group.  In other words, we all know Chiropractic is wonderful, but as an individual if you don’t feel wonderful about yourself, Chiropractic will not be demonstrated at high levels in your office.


You’ll play it safe, perform the predictable and will continue practicing the way that the majority believes to be true. You will treat pain relief only.


We recently had a new member join TNR that had never personally met her former coach.  If fact, she was not sure if the coach was even a DC!  Each week she was emailed a cookie cutter menu to follow to “increase” her practice.  She eventually found out that everyone in the coaching group was receiving the SAME email, with the SAME plan!  Talk about cut and paste.


The most substantial growth begins with one-on-one specialized care with an individual who vows to hold you accountable.


TNR is a family.  Each member has individual challenges and there has to be individualized solutions. One size fits all does not work in this situation, and fortunately, TNR members have each other in times of hardship and in times of celebration.


Until you understand and build a relationship based on trust with people, you will not be able to help them.


Have you ever noticed that your favorite patients are the ones you know really well?  The patients that have low patient visit averages are participating in the outdated model of pain relief only.  If the pain leaves, so does the patient.  If the pain does not subside, or the insurance runs out, so does the patient. All the pain relief in the world will not change the paradigm of disease to the paradigm of health. Where is the prevention, kids, wellness, or even correction?


I’ve found that getting to know each and every DC I’ve ever coached is the answer to long-term relationships based on a strong foundation of trust.


Get to know each and every one of your patients and watch your clinical results, referrals, retention rates, and compliance all increase exponentially.