The Box Store Myth


The box store myth is present in all industries.Guitar Center and Best Buy have replaced neighborhood music stores, while shopping malls have replaced local boutiques. Box stores sure are convenient, wield unbeatable prices, and have quite the selection…but there’s something huge missing! We still shop at these more convenient stores, but the experience always leaves much to be desired. You are not recognized, you’re treated like cattle, and every time you shop you meet a different representative that varies from helpful to clueless.

An example of the box store mentality that you have witnessed is the education your children receive. You’ve seen 25-30 kids crammed into a classroom and have been told that they are all receiving a quality education. Really? If that’s the case, then why are informed parents rushing towards Charter, Montessori, Private, and Religious schools where the class sizes are limited to 8-10 kids?  


While the box store mentality works for the undiscerning majority, those with children with special needs or special gifts would beg to differ. The needs of their children will not be met with the box store, one-size-fits-all, herd mentality.  

The ingredient that is missing is the degree to which a customer, client or student is CARED for. In other words, a win-win relationship must be formed instead of only a business transaction. Non-box stores never put profit before the needs of the person…a rarity in business today.


As a DC, most of your people have already been to multiple 'box store' doctors before they arrive at your door.


With a non-box store concept, you are still a part of their lives long after the sale or exchange of fees is made. The relationship is strengthened with each purchase and encounter.


Despite what you may believe, price does not dictate brand loyalty. However, the experience, service, and/or products do. Admit it, your favorite diner may or may not have the best food, but your waitress has been waiting on your for years. They know you, care about you and your family, and you always look forward to eating at that dive.


Some people are WILLING to pay for the non-box store approach in any industry. Remember, the majority will not; but a strong, vibrant minority that wants results, and are willing to put the skin in the game to achieve them, will.  


Insurance coverage is the box store myth in the industry of Chiropractic. People who have severe illness or have kids with special needs know all too well about what insurance won’t cover. Insurance companies hide behind their anonymity, their authority, their financial clout, and they don’t serve people at the highest level. Whether you live or die is not their concern, the money is the bottom line.


The #1 complaint from DCs is the amount of time, frustration, effort, and overhead it takes to chase after money that is owed to them. Remember, the patient doesn’t do this, the doctor must do this if they agree to play the box store game.


What if there was another way?

You can either decrease your dependency on the box store myth in Chiropractic or get out of it altogether. Sounds impossible, but it’s actually rather simple. Consider our Canadian brothers and sisters: they don’t blink an eyelash at being all cash practices. It’s what they do.


Let’s say you attempt to buy a custom Players Edition Gretch Black Falcon Guitar from Guitar Center. First of all, they don’t carry it. They will order it for you, but you can do that online as well. If you get it from the box store and you have a problem with one of the special features of this exquisite guitar, they will ship it out to a non-box store person who has the expertise to fix it. The sales associate in the box store is unable to address the problem because they don’t know about such a special guitar. They do, however, know a great deal about average guitars.


Hospital care is the epitome of a box store concept. If you survive the hospital experience, you are going to have to find a specialist to help you out of your jam. You will need a specialist to work with you hand-in-hand to get you back to health. This specialist may or may not be covered by box store, health insurance.  


Since 2000, TNR has been helping DCs transform their practices and their lives by getting out of the box store concept and into a specialist category of one. TNR is not for all DCs.  It’s for DCs who know they are not average and who don’t want to be categorized as “just another Chiropractor”. TNR is for DCs who want a great lifestyle.


You don’t have to be another face-in-the-crowd, lowly compensated DC…there is another way if you are willing to learn how.


It’s hard and uncomfortable to muster up the willingness to change and be vulnerable. I get it. That’s why Step 1 is so easy. All you have to do is follow this link, , and answer the questions honestly. From there, we’ll move onto Step 1.5, where we’ll talk on the phone or on a video call about your answers, concerns, and questions. Transparency, safety, and security are at the foundation of each step along the TNR journey. So fill out this link, and take your first step with TNR.