TRUST is at the center of your patient’s world.


You’ve done your best with time-consuming social media marketing, and post everything from blogs, to vlogs, to funny Instagram memes. You’re a video guru, but you’re still lacking the views, clicks, and SEO that should be going along with them. The truth is, you’re spending time and money on these social media campaigns, but still, you lack high-quality new patients. It takes time and effort to attract the type of patients you need. You know your office is struggling, but you’re afraid to jump in with both feet, and do what needs to be done.


At the center of your patient’s world is trust.  All other things emanate from this like the spokes of a wheel. All of your frustrations with patients come from the condition of limited trust.  The real reason your patients resist your recommendations, fees, etc. is that they don’t trust you.  They don’t trust their insurance companies either, but when push comes to shove, they will take something for free.


To them, you are a vendor...a highly energetic, caring, highly educated vendor, but a vendor nonetheless. Until you have established trust with them, they have a secret plan in place to get rid of you as soon as possible. If you attempt to educate a patient without first establishing a bond of trust, you will (before you know it) have an office filled with people who seem like they’re paying attention. Truthfully, they are only attentive to receive what they want, which is adult pain relief. Treatment that only requires a few visits.


The way out of this mess is… TRUST, TRUST, & MORE TRUST!

Until a patient trusts you, they will resist you at every step of their journey.  The will refuse your recommendations, referrals, will not bring in their kids, stay for wellness care, or allow treatment for difficult cases.


Even though the vehicles of communication are everchanging, (newspapers, social media, youtube), the principles stay the same.  Your patients are looking for a doctor who has their best interests in mind.  A doctor who has a shared interest or common goal instead of an adversarial relationship with their patients and insurance companies.  


While the rest of the profession continues to search in all the popular and easy online solutions to their practice problems, TNR continues to develop deep bonds of trust with each and every member and individualized practice solutions.