My Spouse Put Me in My Place for Christmas


It was just another day at the office, where we just got done seeing more people in a morning than we used to see in a day, a little more than a year ago.  I was smiling ear to ear knowing full well that this is just the beginning of what is to still come of my practice.

As I was heading home for lunch I found myself thinking about our Head-to-Head from a few months ago...and thinking wow!  Everything is really changing, we are seeing 40-50 more people a week now, people are understanding more about Chiropractic, they are making decisions on their future care (and good decisions I might add). My income has never been better, I’m in much less debt, seeing more unique and exciting cases, and for the first time in my career, I feel like I am finally on the right track.


Being human comes before being a DC. No matter educated we are about health, we still succumb to basic human emotions.  One of those emotions is being annoyed (ok, complaining or is it explaining) to our spouses or significant others.  


Another part of being human is allowing yourself to stay stuck…our pride doesn’t allow us to do something to help ourselves.  

As much as they will listen to us about the lack of great new patients, the dwindling income, the CA woes, lack of respect from patients, computer glitches, etc…they know you can get out of this dilemma if you put your mind to it.  They see that ability in you, one of the main reasons they married you.


The truth is, they can’t help you. No matter how much you complain to them, they can only support you. Only you can truly help yourself.


At some point they will say to you (or think it), stop complaining and do something about it!  It sounds harsh when you hear it, however, it has a ring of truth to it. Similar to having an illness, you are going to need someone in your corner to help you get rid of it. You can’t do it alone!


I helped a great DC who was $425,000 in debt and was earning less than a grand a week.  He kept talking about his problems, not the solution.


I said, “You are an expert in accumulating debt, and working an outdated clinical model, but you are naïve when it comes to growth.”


For him it was a simple math lesson.  I asked him how many times does the membership fee of TNR fit into your indebtedness?  Are you willing to put skin in the game not only to earn 3,5,10 fold your income and get rid of your debt, but to make your life fun again…or do you want to be right and continue to do things your way?

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