2018 = Your Personal Best


You can do this!


Millennials and Gen X’s will not respond to the outdated model of Chiropractic any more than they are willing to use a mobile, shoebox-sized phone of the 90’s.


The New Year is always the time of reflection and introspection.  Have you ever considered that slaving away at an outdated, obsolete model of practice is at the root of your frustrations and lack of profit? There is no doubt you have the clinical skills, the office, the infrastructure of tables, computers, CA’s, etc to produce excellent results...but for some reason you find yourself struggling. The truth is that the system you have been trained to use is obsolete and non-profitable.


We must change the way we do things to see different results. Think of it this way, a person who has just had their 2nd heart attack, has high blood pressure, obesity, and cholesterol issues must change their eating habits to sustain living. Without making that change, their health will still be lacking.


As you return from your holiday break, consider getting the help you need to forever move from the outdated model that DCs continue to champion, even as it wrecks their professional and personal lives.


I love being that person in DCs corner that step by step guides them in the journey from the outdated to an exciting, new adventurous way to practice.


"TNR and Dr. Kevin has not only helped me start up my naturopathic clinic, but has transformed me incredibly. He liberated me from all my fears, and helped me start actually living life with joy, so that I have the passion and strength to pay it forward to everyone that I meet. The person that I was before I joined TNR, and the mindset that I’ve had, to who I am now and what I am now capable of is amazingly different."

- TNR Member


Start the new year off right and click or call to begin your journey towards purpose, passion, and prosperity or if you still have some concerns set up a video conference or call, and together we will make 2018 your personal best.

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