The Link Between Social Cause and Massive Growth


It feels like now more than ever, people of all ages base many of their decisions and actions on whether or not a greater good can come from that choice. We see it on social media when someone donates to a stranger’s GoFundMe page. We see it around the holiday season when someone digs into their pocket to donate their last remaining dollars to the Salvation Army.


Interestingly enough, the majority of the time, we do not see it all. It’s not that people aren’t “giving back”, it’s that they’re not always doing it in an immediately visible or tangible way. That’s because they are doing it in their minds and decisions. This is true when people refuse to shop at a store because of the company’s worker inequality. It is true when someone buys one brand over another because of their organization’s core values. And it is certainly true when new patients decide to receive care from an office who supports Love Has No Color. When deciding between two somewhat similar doctors who have similar degrees and techniques, Millennials and Gen X’s are more likely to choose the one who looks beyond themselves to help others through LHNC.


So many DCs are shocked to discover how practice members rally around social causes that really help people.  Too many DCs fail to understand the direct link between social cause and massive growth.  The more social cause, the more trust generated between the doctor and their practice members.


That is why, through LHNC, TNR has been helping kids on a Native American reservation in Poplar, MT since 2005.  LHNC helps these kids' reclaim their hope, health, and dignity. Through this process, LHNC helps to ensure a brighter future for the kids. TNR DCs raise funds, gifts, food, put on a kids carnival/fun day, adjust thousands of kids and a whole lot more.  We have mission trips to the reservation multiple times per year for our members, friends, practice members, staff, etc.


It truly is a win-win for everyone involved! The DCs, practice members, community members, and most importantly those living on the Fort Peck Reservation all benefit from LHNC events, fundraisers, and trips.

If you have been involved with LHNC in the past, we thank you.

If you are currently involved with LHNC, we thank you.

If you wish to get involved with LHNC, we urge you.


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