Are you a one hit wonder DC?

You’re conducting a case history and you are really getting excited because this is a big case. This new patient has been to all kinds of doctors, received all kinds of diagnoses and treatment, but still hasn’t slept soundly for 9 years. His lack of sleep is ruining his life and he looks 10 years older than his actual age.

If you crack this case, you can almost taste the referrals, the income and the sense of ‘coolness’ that comes with being the one that finally helps this patient.

You make your recommendations to the patient, he goes along with them citing all the other doctors and treatments he’s been through.  You believe he is earnest in his proclamation that he will ‘do what it takes’ to restore his health.

After his 2nd adjustment, he declares a miracle has happened and he is now sleeping for the first time in years.  You may learn of this via email, text, voicemail, but this patient now has discovered what Chiropractic is…"a short-term therapy where you go when all else fails". He also claims that he doesn’t need any more adjustments.

Now we’re happy for a man who regains his ‘health’, but what about wellness, what about his children and the rest of his family? Much like a lawyer, you only get called when someone is in trouble.  As soon as they have escaped their immediate problem, you won’t be hearing from them.

What’s wrong with this picture?

It’s not sustainable, it won’t help people stay healthy and it will drive the DC nuts. Its how many great DCs practice, because they don’t know they have a choice. If you want to be a DC who sees more than just short-term adult pain relief, you must shift your focus away from being a one hit wonder and towards practicing the updated model.

If you are open to finding out about upgrading from the old, tired, outdated model of practice, tune into our webinar series How To Have a Successful Practice Anywhere, With or Without Insurance.

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By shifting to the upgraded model of practice, the quality of your patients will increase, as will your referral rates, retention rates, and of course, your income.