That Awkward Moment…

You’re on a mission to complete a specific home improvement over the weekend. You’ve hit the big box store with a list of the needed supplies on your smartphone. You’ve got this thing! A handsome, energetic 40ish guy is helping you with your list and he seems somewhat out of place. He has the orange apron on, however, there’s something different about him.


While talking with him, he discovers that you’re a DC and he says he’s a DC, also. There’s an awkward moment and then you recoil and get back to the task at hand.


Even though you only had an encounter with this DC for a few minutes, it shook you. What happened? How could a once proud DC be working at a box store for peanuts? What about the seven to nine years of college education that has now gone down the drain?


Believe it or not, this happens more often than you think it does. You just don’t always see these former DCs. They are absorbed into traditional jobs like teaching anatomy at the local community college, becoming Uber drivers, working in the pharmaceutical industry, becoming real estate brokers, etc.


DCs like this they have a familiar tale of woe. They went into Chiropractic bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and then they were let down in some way or fashion. They got clobbered! Even though they may blame the economy, insurance companies, or lousy patients, there is a ring of truth inside them that says…I wasn’t prepared to be successful!


So many times they lament that they did very well in school, but the skills studied in school just didn’t prepare them for what they would meet on the outside. The practice of Chiropractic in whatever capacity they experienced it did not match the academic pursuit of Chiropractic.


You don’t have to be out of Chiropractic to think Chiropractic let you down. Maybe you’re an overworked associate who always wondered if there was a better way. Perhaps you’re just getting off maternity leave. You could be working in a multi-discipline office and it isn’t working for you. Or maybe you are a solo practitioner who can’t practice the way you want profitably.


If this is the case, CALL ME OR EMAIL ME!


This is not about rescuing desperate DCs. This is about offering an opportunity to a doctor who didn’t get a fair shake or who is in circumstances they didn’t ask to be in. If you have what it takes and will accept someone in your corner to put you back on course, we need to get to know each other immediately.


If you don’t want to do anything about your present circumstances or feel you are a victim, I’m not your guy. If you are ready to turn things around in a hurry, I’m your guy.