Why does my practice have to be so difficult?

Why does my practice have to be so difficult

Has something deep inside of you died? Is there a  piece of you that is always on alert and anxious? Is the fear of the unknown always there so you are never at ease or in the present moment? Do you feel like your world is falling apart and no one knows what you’re going through? Does everyone think you are knocking it out of the park even though you know that you aren't? Is your office on your mind 24/7? Have you reached the point where you know your office and your family can’t keep going in this direction? Something has got to give!

 Your worst nightmare has come true: your practice is just not doing it for you. You can pretend that insurance companies will someday recognize Chiropractic and bail you out, or that your current patients will somehow magically increase their value for your services.

Until that day comes, you’re stuck with quality new patient scarcity, compliance issues, unrelenting debt and rising overhead, relationship strain, retention issues, income shortcomings, CA woes, being friends with patients and being taken advantage of, and an overall lack of respect from patients.

You’ve received so much conflicting, confusing information and well-meaning advice from Chiropractors, parents, and friends. Yet what you’ve been a slave to doing isn’t helping. You’ve gotten your hopes up a number of times, heaved a deep sigh of relief that everything was going to be okay, and even had seen small, temporary changes only to have them dashed away. Almost like a rug being yanked out from under them, many DCs describe this as a feeling of doing more and having less and less to show for it!

Maybe you’ve attempted to navigate the maze of information for online and offline strategies by yourself. The #1 factor of underperforming offices everywhere is isolation: the stubborn insistence that you are going to figure it out alone! 

You need someone in your corner. Whether it's playing high-level sports or musical instruments, going to Chiropractic College, etc., you are going to have to lose the pride and welcome help from someone who knows a whole lot more than you do and who will hold you accountable and make it fun!

TNR does not pretend to be all things to all people. The only way to find out if we are right for each other is for me to understand your problem and where you are coming from. Only after knowing this can we know if we’re a great fit for one another.

If you’re okay with the current state of your practice, then you probably would not be a good candidate for TNR.  If, however, you know you aren’t happy with where you’re at presently and you know where you want to go, TNR will take you there!

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