Is Chiropractic that difficult?

You know you can adjust with the best of them, you care about your patients, you have a great staff, nice office, sure, your office stats may vary a bit each month, but face it, they pretty much stay the same.  It almost seems like something is missing, and you can’t quite put your finger on it.

People continue to tell you what to do and how to do it.  Sometimes you feel why bother with recommendations when they are not going to go along with them anyway and besides, they are gonna’ tell you what they are going to do.  After a while, you get worn down and to save yourself some aggravation and rejection, you water down your recommendations and fees only to give them recommendations that suspisciously coincide with insurance guidelines.


The crux of this dilemma is that your patients and prospective patients don’t have a clue when it comes to what Chiropractic is or for that matter, who you are and what you stand for. So you can either:


Cave in to their demands and be a low pva (retention) doctor…how’s that working for you?

Let people know that you are different


Here’s where the rubber meets the road.  To be different means you are going to be compared to other DCs.  If you are trying to be the guy/gal down the street, you’re in trouble.  With meeting thousands of DCs from all over the country and Canada, a common theme of frustration is not practicing the way you want to.

Being just another Chiropractor is today the ‘kiss of death’ for a Millennial or a Gen X’r.  They demand uniqueness, and social cause.  If you want to practice the way you want to, you are also going to be compensated at a much higher level than an average DC.


In other words it’s called freedom.


Its just not freedom a nice battle cry, a play on words.  It really is freedom to practice the way you want to, not the way you think you have to ‘make a living’.

Perhaps you want to see more than adult only pain relief.  Perhaps you want to see difficult cases that most DCs don’t.  Kids, wellness?  It’s totally up to you, however there are rules that you must understand and utilize.

Chiropractic is not difficult!  By accident, sometimes we make it difficult.

On a phone call (or was it social media?) we were asked to sum up what makes a once in a lifetime DC.

  1. Humanitarian (the needs of the patient are never abandoned for any reason/can’t put profit over people)
  2. Results (why do some DCs get results that not all DCs get?)
  3. Economics (much higher 3,5,10X than an average DC because of training, ability and sense of community)

Practicing the way you choose to will go a long way in demonstrating to your community that you are indeed different, not to be different, rather because you are different.

Make this a day of freedom and decide once and for all to practice the way you choose to.