Is TNR for everyone?

Being different isn't a bad thing, it means your BRAVE enough to be yourself. (3)

Is TNR for everyone?

Well, yes and no.  We get lots and lots of feedback from the Chiropractic profession about our tribe, our community, etc.  A lot of DCs are surprised that there aren’t thousands of member. They love that we place more emphasis on the experiential events rather than online events, that our high-level events are closed door events (active coaching clients), and the premium nature of our products and services.

TNR is for everyone, however, not all DCs think it’s possible to become a “once in a lifetime DC”, and/or lack the desire to become one.


Being contrarian is not always the most popular road to travel. So many DCs simply throw their hands up in disgust with their current practice challenges and don’t feel there is someone they can trust to help them. Over a time period, they become negative, skeptical and lose the love they once had for Chiropractic.

Others resort to the Bright Shiny Object (weight loss products, teeth whiteners, rehab, decompression, foot baths, modalities, etc) syndrome of short-term methods of attracting one low-quality new patient after another. The office gets real excited as the doctor makes yet another purchase only to have it lose its luster in a short time and be reminded of yet another overhead expense each month.

TNR has always been about becoming that once in a lifetime DC, as well as being the best version of yourself you can be. Most members consider TNR to be more of a safe haven or a lifeline, rather than merely something to do to earn more money (you’ll do that also!) You join a tribe of cooperative (not competitive) DCs who get things done and are not okay with mediocrity, stories,  or excuses about what can’t be accomplished when it comes to the life and health of patients.

When you really get down to it, most DCs actually want to live a life of higher standards; it's just other stuff gets in the way. You can’t stop being a spouse or a parent, or forget about your responsibilities, etc.  You have your day-to-day routines.

The cool thing about TNR is that it’s a choice to get the training to become a different kind of DC. Being different is not for everyone.

TNR members find it so supportive to ‘fly in formation’ or be a part of a group that stands for something bigger than self-gain only.

Every patient that gets healthier in TNR offices directly helps Native American kids living in third world conditions on a reservation in Montana.  How cool is that?

When you’re isolated and not practicing the way you choose, it’s real easy to only focus on yourself and your own needs. When you’re a member of TNR, not only are your own needs taken care of (3,5,10 fold the income of average DCs), but you are part of something bigger that affects the lives of people thousands of miles away!

We are fond of saying that we are DCs in the service of humanity.

For DCs who prize adventure, purpose, passion, and prosperity in their lives, it's tough living your days as a cook in the Army. If you want to become a Navy Seal type of a DC who has special training and special skill levels, you have to change your mindset from what can’t be done to what can be done.

Stop living in the world of problems and shift to the world of solutions. There are solutions to all of your practice problems, are you ready to take the plunge? There’s no shallow end in TNR!