Are you going to hit me?…a dog’s story

Here it is, my seventh place of residence including 3 pounds, 2 rescue facilities and 2 private homes.  She seems like a very kind and loving person; however, I have been let down before.  It usually starts out like this: maybe this time it will be different and they will not hit or abuse me.  All I ask for is to be loved and I will give my owners everything I have in return. 

And then it starts, sure I can have accidents around the house and I love to bark and chew a bit of furniture (okay, shoes as well), especially when not let outside for hours on end, but the anger and violence that go along with these mistakes are excessive.  I hope this is my last stop and this one works out.


DCs see more emotional layers of interference to the nervous system than almost any person alive.

My massage therapist (I call her a ‘good witch’) of 25 years recently adopted a rescue dog who was scheduled to be euphonized.  The dog is very skittish, shy and scared of its own shadow.  Every once in a while it even lets out a painful, mournful cry in anticipation of what punishment or cruelty awaits.  But not this time, his new owner is a humanitarian who will turn things around for this young dog.


Many times children are forced to endure difficult, emotionally-challenging conditions while growing up that leave the child with invisible scars.  Is it any wonder that kids growing up today have historic levels of anxiety and use prescription and non-prescription drugs that go along with it.


Like dogs, kids hold onto all the past emotional challenges and trauma they have faced in their past.  Some kids go around with an almost Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-type of existence, walking on eggshells and never really having a firm foundation to call upon.


DCs with proper training can recognize cases that 99% of the world doesn’t know about, which is kids with emotional challenges. Of course, the adjustments really work to remove the layers of accumulated damage to the nerve system, but also important is the bond made between the kids and the doctor!  It’s the magic ingredient.


Sometimes this bond of trust is just what the kid needs at the right time.  They need to be understood, recognized and helped. This bond may start with a shared interest that blossoms into something more than a doctor-patient relationship. It can be a defining moment in the kids' lives.


It’s a win-win for the kids, their families, the DC, and the profession, as well as society.


I just received a heartfelt testimonial from a DC who was at a crossroad in his life before he joined TNR.  In part it reads, “…he (Dr. Kevin) said, Dr. X, you are sinking in quick sand.  I understand where you are coming from, but you don’t need someone to jump in the quicksand with you.  If I jump in with you then we both sink.  You need someone to throw you a rope to help pull you out”.


When you receive help at the right moment, its effects can last a lifetime.  Recently, at my daughter's wedding, I met a DC who had been in the right place, at the right time, to help my son-in-law when he was going through a very tough time as a teenager. Upon meeting this DC, our eyes met and misted up with an instant connection. This DC  is more than just a Chiropractor, he has the ability to recognize the emotional challenges that kids face.


If you are not seeing kids and have an interest in helping more kids, please contact us.  Many DCs don’t currently see kids in their practices but if they received the training and the confidence to see kids there would be more healthy kids in every neighborhood