Is the loneliness creeping up?

Remember all the fun you had while at Chiro College? There was so much fun and craziness with your classmates and love for Chiropractic. What else could have got you through all of the tests, studying for boards, and arrogant professors? The moment we stepped off that graduation platform, we traded in the fun and love for Chiropractic for office administration, insurance issues, paperwork, CA woes…the list goes on. All of this leaves little time for the passion or excitement we once had for Chiropractic. It’s so easy to become isolated and as BB King famously crooned, “the thrill is gone.”

Let’s face it, you probably don’t keep in touch with your classmates anymore. Maybe one or two via social media to share wedding announcements, baby arrivals, graduations, vacations, etc. The friends you once had started to fade away. Soon enough you become an *insert activity here* parent or have all kinds of hats to wear.

What happened to the camaraderie and hanging with liked-mined people?  Who can you talk to about your love of helping people? Your spouse, friends, and family will patiently listen, but they don’t feel what you feel. Who understands you?

You lose your love for Chiropractic and your enthusiasm. You fall in line with other people who earn paychecks without purpose.

License credit is a poor substitute and imitation for the sense of belonging, cooperation, and understanding.

Coaching north of 1,000 DCs, the single factor I see that cripples DCs is ISOLATION.

Either you open your practice or slave away as an associate. You perform your family responsibilities and functions and then slowly but surely, Chiropractic becomes just A JOB!

Isolation causes all kinds of issues in unsuspecting DCs. From malaise to depression, moodiness, to drying up of your spirit, there just seems to be something missing in your life.

Your family and friends know this. They want you to be happy so they try their best to help but no one understands.

Isolation is a sure-fire sign that you aren’t part of something that’s bigger than your individual success. A cause that’s bigger than all of us.

When people start coaching with me, we see the power of connection with a group of like-minded DCs. The power of belonging turns everything around. We see numbers and income improve, and we see the relationships in their lives improve. They regain that spring in their step. There is a renewed optimism, and excitement about the future replaces the doom and gloom of working just a job.

The stubbornness of isolation is found in all areas of human endeavor. From weight loss to drinking, etc. If you want help, it’s only by joining a community where you will be recognized for who you are, not to be changed or forced to conform. You will keep your authenticity and at the same time be united by a much larger vision of Chiropractic.

The quality of your life will change, your economics will change, and the thrill and excitement of being a DC will return.

Don’t go it alone. Stop making your practice so hard!  If you’re ready to receive help and get back to the things that matter in your life, click or call me and let’s get to know each other.     

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