Don’t panic when you get a NO!!

You’ve heard it a lot of times in the past. The patient comes in, gets examined, and then they decline care. What’s really going on? Was it something you said or was it something deeper? It’s deeper, much deeper!

Making a decision can be so complex. There are a lot of different influences from personal history and beliefs to opinions and experiences.

Past Chiropractic experiences can also influence a patient’s decision. Even if the experience was positive, if you’re offering something different, the answer is no.

When you hear no, it’s less about you and more about them. 

If it’s more than a treatment or two, their beliefs and experiences exclude them from participating in your office.

Then there is the imprisonment with 3rd party reimbursement that pays people to be sick.

They are not just paid to be sick with your care; they also get to deduct it on their personal income taxes.

There is a certain demographic of people who have high levels of involvement and commitment to life. They are looking for DCs who can make them and their family healthier, regardless of insurance participation.

Don’t cave, negotiate, or feel guilty about your recommendations when you hear no.

There are some people that just won’t commit to the process of getting healthier in your office.

As much as you want to help them, they won’t allow you to help them.

Who would you rather be in integrity with the people who followed your guidelines? Or the people who won’t follow them and claim that they are special. 

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