It’s so easy to do nothing!

When you were younger do you remember how sometimes you were accused of being a sore loser? How you would flip your lid if you got crushed by the other team? Fast forward a few years (or decades) and it’s now politically correct to accept defeats, what others say about you, especially online, and here’s the kicker…what you are worth.  

As crazy as this sounds, this has been a most exciting time for TNR in the jaws of a pandemic. I have witnessed Chiropractor after Chiropractor stand up to all kinds of opposing public opinion, being shamed by community members who know nothing about health, and having practice members tell doctors what they should be doing.

This is nothing new here. From politics to professional sports, the world is filled with Monday a.m. armchair quarterbacks who know what a professionally trained athlete or doctor should have done.

It takes large amounts of courage to stand up and behave differently to help others and to take the heat for it.

I have also been a witness to Chiropractor after Chiropractor not backing down when the going gets tough.

I have witnessed a courageous, female doctor stare down the business end of a shotgun and ask if it was loaded. Her regulatory board was threatening her with a $750,000 fine and 10 years in jail if she kept her doors open. In most states that’s more consequences than if you committed a murder!

She kept her doors open.

I coach a Chiropractor who refused to downsize his practice because of social distancing (he sees 130 people a day). He went outside in the parking lot instead with a tent and made a 6 foot spaced line that wrapped around the building. He had record months in April, May, and June. July is on track to be another record month!

Another TNR Chiropractor in the Mid West, whose state allows public meetings of up to 100 people, is having Health Awareness Seminars outside and attracting record numbers of people who are very interested in being healthy.

The DNA of The New Renaissance is all about Chiropractors being courageous, even in the teeth of a pandemic. Always has been, always will be.

It is so easy to keep your mouth closed, act like a lay person, comment on everything, and do nothing.    

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