a chiropractic office..?


You’ve done every conceivable promotion.  You’ve bought nearly every bright and shiny object promising you new patients by the bucket load.  The electronic health records software is the most whiz-bang one there is and you have a great location…so what’s the problem?

 If you’re new to our blogs the answer is not seeing KIDS!

And if you’re not new…you probably already guessed it…IT’S NOT SEEING KIDS!

 Now before you hit your refresh and jump back on Facebook, hear me out.

If you know my story, I was the most adult back pain oriented DC on the planet back in the day. Believe it or not, my license plate even read LO BACK…

I thought DCs who cared for kids were nuts!

I was challenged by my mentor (Dr. Joe Flesia) to see kids. I graduated first in my class as an adult back and neck pain specialist so naturally, I thought he was crazy!

Seeing kids had gone against all of my orthopedic work at Chiropractic College.

Why should DCs be the only doctors that steadfastly refuse to see kids both acute and well?

The real reason you don’t see kids (in the beginning) is the same reason I didn’t…IT DIDN’T FEEL RIGHT!

No matter how much information out there that shows benefits to seeing children at your office, the majority of DCs are not going to feature kid’s front and center.

Even if…

  • Insurance doesn’t cover kids except for perhaps a few token visits, but parents are willing to pay outside of insurance coverage
  • Most DCs coming out of Chiropractic College do not build a practice around children
  • It takes a much more devoted and mentally tough Chiropractor to realize the pivotal importance children’s health has on society
  • All the adult, musculoskeletal relief in the world will not change the paradigm from disease to health
  • Millennials and Gen X’s are desperately searching for solutions to their chronically sick kids
  • The satisfaction as well as the economics of helping kids recover their health outweigh an adult

Every DC that was trained in traditional and socially accepted adult pain relief model felt awkward or inadequate when they first started seeing kids. It’s no different from doing your first adjustments in Chiro College.

Then it happened…you became equally as good (if not better!) with kids than adults.  And besides, they are a whole lot more fun.

After all, we are in service to humanity.

A little-known secret is that for a lot of us, seeing kids was something that happened when you joined The New Renaissance. It just happened organically and we never looked back.

Contact us for a free phone or video consultation and see how helping kids in your practice will make a huge difference. You don’t join The Renaissance, it becomes a part of you! // (800) 525-3879