Here’s the dreaded: ”we need to talk”


You’re doing your best at running your own Chiropractic office or working at one and kid’s activities and responsibilities… unfortunately there just aren’t enough hours in the day. It seems like so many other DCs are knocking it out of the park and you aren’t. You keep getting further and further behind with things that need to get done and now your significant other/spouse is putting pressure on you.

 They say; “ we need to talk”.

As difficult as it is to realize, your significant other or spouse don’t have anything against Chiropractic…they just don’t like what it’s doing to you.

It takes you away from them, and if you have kids, it takes away from them as well. You’re always thinking (worrying) about the latest crisis or drama at the office.

Those 60+ hour work weeks, anxiety, the faraway look in your eyes, finances, and the moodiness and worry are what your significant other/spouse objects to…not Chiropractic.

The fact remains that Chiropractic is not giving back to you. You are out of ‘fair exchange’. Even in spite of your best efforts.

The one eye-opener being in practice is most DCs think their practices will ‘organically’ grow on their own.


You have to turn into a whiz, bang marketer and forget doing what you do best: being the doctor!

Too many DCs make practice way too difficult. Accepting help from an expert speeds growth that you can’t do on your own.

I don’t want to change you or tell you how to practice. I’m here for you, to help you figure out what you want and how to move towards it.

I’ll help you remove silent roadblocks on your journey to professional and personal success.

During every step of your journey, you’ve had teachers, mentors or coaches. Why would being in professional practice be any different?

If you’re okay with a hobby style practice, out of a fair exchange, frustrated but don’t want to do anything about it, ‘these talks’ with your significant other/spouse will continue.

Eventually, spirit-draining offices always leak into relationships…BIG TIME!

You’ve allowed parents, teachers, and coaches to get you this far. Why are you trying to do it by yourself now when you’re a pro? This isn’t online, one size fits all, or a cookie cutter program. If you’re done playing small, attempting to figure it out on your own, etc, contact TNR and you will begin your journey to discover what you are truly capable of.

Each new patient in your office will not be worth 3, 5,10x that same patient walking in the DC down the street’s office.

That’s economic advantage regardless of location, technique, or insurance coverage.

Make today a defining moment in your life. Call or email us to get on the path towards the practice you’ve been dreaming of. // (800) 525-3879