Times have changed, have you?

Times have changed in the Chiropractic world. Millennials and Gen X patients are more likely to participate and refer in an office that reflects a social cause they resonate with. They’ll stay on a long-term basis knowing that you are also working towards giving back. Is it a way to boost sales or is it the heartbeat of the business?

 A new generation of patients has risen and DCs are shocked to discover that they’ve rallied around social cause. DCs fail to understand the direct link between social cause and massive growth.

More trust is generated between the doctor and patient when they know the DC isn’t about just making a profit. Without trust being established, patients with foist their old-fashioned idea of Chiropractic on you. Which we know is the adult pain relief, with a few visits of insurance regulated care.

The new currency of growth in a Chiropractic office is trust.  This bond of trust is a hidden, competitive advantage over other offices that stubbornly refuse to upgrade their offices to include a social cause.

Professional expertise used to get the job done; it’s just not enough anymore.  Today’s consumers have too many choices, too much comparative info to be dumb down.

To reach the Millennial and Gen X demographic, the communication vehicle today is a social cause.

A real social cause, not conscious capitalism.

At TNR, this idea is nothing new. Since 2005 we have been helping kids on a Native American reservation in Poplar, Montana. A movement we call Love Has No Color.  LHNC helps these kids’ reclaim their hope, health, and dignity.  Through this process, LHNC helps to ensure a brighter future for the kids.

The New Renaissance members report record numbers of new patients when they started participating with LHNC. Many of our members have a wall, front and center, which loudly proclaim their involvement. They hang pictures of their visits to the reservation as well as a wall decal with the LHNC and The New Renaissance logo.  

 By integrating humanitarian social cause with unparalleled clinical results, the result of this fusion is income that is 3, 5,10x the DC who refuses to partner with a social cause.

Today, it’s not just about doing the right thing; it’s the smart thing to do also!