Retention, retention….and you guessed it, retention!


You think new patients will solve all of your practice woes?  Think again…

You’ll find out that relying on that one strategy will not only set you back but put you further in debt and away from your dreams and goals.

 The permanent solution for new patients is RETENTION!


  • Eliminate the endless cycle of churning thru low-quality new patients…forever!
  • Fastest and quickest way to stabilize monthly income
  • Have 85% of your patients say YES to your recommendations
  • Make your practice irresistibly referable to Millennials and Gen X’s
  • Less reliance on insurance
  • Work with patients that you enjoy and respect you

More new patients are not the answer…and here’s why!

Take a minute to look at all the new patient files in your office… where are these people now?

Do you have dozens of departed patients?  ….Hundreds or (gulp) thousands?

With the national average of patient visits (how long a patient stays) hovering at only a handful of visits, it’s a wonder why most DCs keep piling new patients into their office. Since it seems like they will just leave after those few visits.

The strategy of plowing through new patients, with no emphasis on retention, doesn’t work. This plan can cause so much stress in the office, headaches, working with people you don’t want to see, and a bloated overhead. You might even be trying to buy your way out of the problem.

As a result, your monthly income is inconsistent and unpredictable. One step forward and two steps back.

It has nothing to do with clinical skills. It’s about having everything in your office reflect retention. This means, creating an environment that patients want to participate in rather than having to be convinced or sold to.

Still not convinced? Download my FREE No New Patient Solution for new and not so new practitioners and you’ll soon be changing your ways.

 Learn how a new patient in your office can be worth 3, 5,10x the income of that same patient walking into the DCs office down the street.


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