Difficult cases…they ain’t easy



Maybe you want to see kids, but just don’t know how. Maybe you aren’t looking to see kids as of right now but you’re bored with the predictable adult low back pain patient. In the back of your mind, you know you’re not going to grow by doing the same thing over and over. Insurance reimbursement is dwindling and paperwork and regulations are increasing. 

There must be a better way…

 …and there is!

There is an ultimate paradox in Chiropractic today. Patient visit average is at an all-time low, just a handful of visits…if that. Millennial patients and Gen X parents are screaming for help for themselves and their kid’s chronic health challenges.

Those that can’t help this demographic will be left behind.

Did I mention by the time they reach your office, they are chronic cases?

The paradox is you can’t produce results with difficult cases without seeing patients for extended periods of time. You need to have the “chops” and know how to produce results, even with children. Personal trainers know that it takes time to get back in shape, but DCs still struggle with cases outside the ho-hum adult back and neck pain.

Generalists will struggle, specialists will not.

Did I mention that insurance companies will not adequately cover such cases?

Outside the world of musculoskeletal pain, the playing field gets murky.  Difficult cases and especially ones involving kids are where you enter ‘tough sledding’.

Insurance companies and lots of parents just don’t believe in the paradigm of Chiropractic for anything besides short-term pain relief.

You’re going to need effective communication skills and strategies to sledgehammer through the ignorance to get results and get paid for it!        

 The opportunity to help with difficult cases is the boldest, most rewarding part of Chiropractic today!

For most of us, we got chose Chiropractic because we want to help people.  When a patient comes in with a difficult case are you being truthful when you say you can’t help them?  You’re hiding behind insurance coverage borders and being deceptive to patients.

Can you help them or not?

Give patients the opportunity to go beyond what their insurance covers. They may or may not accept your lengthy recommendations. But it’s their decision, not yours.

Always remember all DCs can obtain this ability to help difficult cases. The skills for these cases are much like singing or a foreign language: it has to be developed. You didn’t learn this in school.

As a DC, I’m only comfortable seeing short-term patients!

Congrats! After coaching over 1,000 DCs, I’ve learned most of us came from this way of thinking. You can either accept your ability where it is along with limited economics or work on your abilities and watch your economics grow 3, 5, 10x what they are now.

The New Renaissance has always been about DCs that have always suspected there is an untapped potential within and are looking for guidance.

Will you be the next DC to realize your true potential, inside or outside of insurance?