Let’s be clear…you’re blending in


Your office looks amazingly similar to all offices. It’s fairly modern, with lots of computers, modalities, tables, pillows, and back supports, etc. It has the Chiropractic poster standards that discuss the 7 (or is it 8?) danger signs of nerve interference, the most dangerous words ever muttered, “Maybe it will go away”, and lots of pain and symptom posters and of course ‘referrals are our best compliment’.

There’s nothing right or wrong with this tried and true method except it’s based on being like everyone else, a face in the crowd DC.

Millennials and Gen X parents demand more from doctors.  They are famous for giving you more feedback (stalling, excuses, and “I can’t”) than older patients. If you don’t attract lots of them into your office, there is a reason…you’re not relevant to them.

They will not enroll and engage in your office if you’re like everybody else. They place a high value on uniqueness and authenticity.

How are you different from dozens of DCs in your community?

There are times you want to blend in with life; this is not one of them!

Adult pain relief only is how most DCs practice, and there is certainly always a need for this type of limited care.

But if you only offer this type of care, the patient return rate will only amount to a handful of visits. You’ll constantly be on the prowl for more low-quality new patients to replace the departing ones.

What if you don’t want to practice in a limited fashion and economics and have a huge competition with all different kinds of doctors, massage therapists, and holistic practitioners?

A lot of great DCs want to work with kids and difficult cases. They want a piece of 3, 5, 10x their current income, but they just don’t know how.

Start making the move towards health and wellness instead of offering only pain and symptom relief. You’re not going to stop helping patients with pain. What you’ll offer them will a lot better AND a permanent solution. You’ll show them the opportunity to stay healthy with care above and beyond just short-term neck and back pain.

You’re also going to attract the most recession-proof population in your office…KIDS!

When you start off as DC chances are you weren’t (or still aren’t) comfortable with seeing kids. Which is okay! We want to show you that you don’t have to just see the adult pain relief patients and that you can open your office up to children.

How do you feel about seeing difficult cases that don’t deal with pain and aches? Maybe you’re shying away from that to, but we can also give you the tools to embrace these patients.

You’ll start to stand out as a DC and create a unique identity. A surprising thing will happen…patients will pay you inside or outside of insurance!

In no way do I judge DCs who aren’t seeing these populations currently. When I started to practice and mentoring, I was right along with you. But I had the tools to help me and I want to show you now!

It’s worth it on all levels!


The change you’re seeking is closer than you think.