LHNC makes front page of local MA paper!

Great job Randi Jo!  Within her first week working at TNR, she landed a sweet front page spot in a local paper highlighting Love Has No Color!!  Check out the article below.  Lots of buzz about our humanitarian efforts…are you a part of it yet?

The article reads:

Medfield charity attempts to change conditions on reservations
by JOSHUA PERRY, hometownweekly.net
  •  Wed, May 30, 2012

Love Has No Color, a charity organization co-founded by Dr. Kevin Pallis of Medfield, is fighting to change the appalling conditions found on Native American reservations. The group, which was founded in 2006, has focused on the Fort Peck Reservation in Poplar, Montana to try and end the hopelessness of the situation there.

According to a press release from the organization, Fort Peck has the nation’s highest rates of suicide, crime, drug and alcohol addiction, and poverty as well as the lowest per capita rates of income, education, and employment. Life expectancy on the reservation is only 40 years. Dr. Pallis, with Dr. Ed Plentz of Brooklyn, Michigan, developed the charity to raise awareness of the situation and to instill hope for the future.

The doctors have formed a chiropractic clinic at the reservation and will be returning there this summer to hold activities, seminars, and events for the children of Fort Peck. According to a release the events will, include confidence-boosting and self-esteem enhancing activities as well as traditional games and pastimes.

The doctors also host a Christmas on the Reservation to ensure that every child receives at least one gift during the holidays. Part of the mission of Love Has No Color is to help preserve the culture of Native Americans and focuses on the children as the best way to ensure a better future on the reservation, When the needs of children are met during childhood, they turn out to be healthy, compassionate, successful adults who will make the Reservation a sacred place to grow up for the next generation.

The release added, This is a project that demonstrates that there are still people who care. We do not want to change these Native Americans and have them adopt our ways. This is not another handout project. Their culture and their heritage will be preserved.�
For more information about the organization and its efforts visit the website www.savethereservation.org or call 800-525-3879.

If you want to make a difference that you can truly see, feel, hear, experience, and feel proud of, join our movement.  Love Has No Color is changing lives every single day.

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