Natural Order or Social Order…have we gone crazy?

     Today there is so much emphasis on social order. You know, not keeping score at sporting events, the notion that there are no losers only winners. Today is the day of entitlement and it is all about point fingers. Did you hear about the man who filed for divorce with his wife of 15 years? He said she was the cause of all his problems and unhappiness. The judge asked him how come he waited so long and he said it’s been building up. You see, long before social order there was natural order. With natural order an antelope can’t say to a lion, “You can’t eat me because there are laws protecting me against that.” With natural order you earn everything from income to respect, it’s not given to you just for showing up. Being good is not good enough with natural order. You’ll get replaced by excellence every time. So what does this have to do with Chiropractic?


With social order, you have to create a product or a service around what the customer already accepts. It’s all about higher sales, acceptance, and market trends. In Chiropractic, new graduates are being told to ‘cave in’ and just to give the people what they want. In our line of work we all know what this is… adult back and neck pain only. 90% of all DC’s don’t care for children. Many in this group adjust their own kids, but because of the rejection involved from the social order of the day they limit children to an ‘off menu item’. Do you have the courage to observe natural order or will you succumb to the whims of the mistaken norms of a disease-ridden society? Would you keep your mouth shut to fit in with social order even if you could do something that can truly make a difference in the lives of others?
Human rights have been tested and tried time and time again throughout history. Anywhere from the Civil Rights movement to the American Revolution to Love Has No Color . It takes an individual or group of individuals who have the courage to stand up against the social order of the day, regardless of how many people conform to that social order, in order for humanity to progress. Most African Americans were afraid to participate in the peaceful demonstrations of Martin Luther King Jr. for the fear of being physically and emotionally harmed. A large portion of the early colonists of America did not want to bear arms against the Monarchs of England. Currently, the majority of Americans have no idea that Native Americans live in third world conditions on reservations here in our very own country. And nearly all of people living in the greatest country in the world lack the knowledge that DC’s deal with the brain and nerve system. The social order during all of these times needed to be changed in order to create a better society for all people. At some point we individually as well as collectively must take responsibility to fight for what we know to be true.