Hunzas, living without limits, and Chiropractic

Most readers are unfamiliar with the Hunzas who live in a remote area near the Himalayan Mountains.  It’s an actual country near India, China, yeah, that area of the world.  They live to be 130 years old routinely without disease, medicine, crime, lawyers, scientists, etc.  Back in the 70’s they were featured in National Geographic and raised quite a stir among Westerners when asked about frequency of sex and they replied, “Not like it used to be, but at least once a day.” Once a day at over one hundred years old!  It was certainly entertaining and shocking reading, however the Hunzas were dismissed by science as anecdotal, quaint, and they were too far away to seriously challenge our beliefs about aging, disease, health, etc.

Belief systems completely make up and color our reality.  Many DC’s quietly wondered how this could be possible without a Chiropractic adjustment.  The nutrition people who believe you are what you eat were quick to jump on the Hunza dietary ‘secrets.’  Exercise people because of their belief biases were quick to jump on the cave man exercises or were it the mountain man exercise routine.  Scientists studied them and tried vainly to ‘figure it out.’ They even attempted to make them sick by exposing them to pathogens.  Can you imagine trying to make healthy people sick to conform to the scientific paradigm of disease?

The fact is that the human body is capable of living longer and with a much higher quality of life than experienced in the US.  The state of health these people existed in represents that this level of health is not a myth.  Depending on your belief or the society in which you live will actually color your life both qualitatively as well as quantitatively.  You will either reject this notion, or you will be curiously drawn towards it.  As a DC, do you believe Chiropractic is a musculoskeletal modality or does it remove interference to this ‘hunzalike’ quality inside of people?  If you are simply relieving pain and creating comfort for people, this concept will escape you.  You will pay it no attention.  You will have a ‘limited’ belief in the power of Chiropractic.

Subluxation is epidemic living under our society.  It’s not just physical; it’s mental and chemical as well.  Interference to the ‘hunza’ within creates so much suffering and disease.  Children for the first time in history are ‘chronically ill’ and require (under the medical paradigm) long-term (lifetime) chemical alteration of their minds and bodies.  For example, many suffer with autism, allergies to foods, allergies to learning, and allergies to society (anxiety).  Kids can’t even play sports now for fear of concussions.  Why is it that sports were played without helmets, face masks for hockey and concussions were unknown in past years of sports?  Wars were fought without post war stress syndromes, etc.  Did the sports/war change or did the people participating engage at lower levels of health expression?

There is something deep inside each of us that remains dormant until it is awakened.  You don’t need to add anything from the outside because it’s already in you as part of your standard equipment package.  Self-doubt, fear of failure, belief in limitation keeps this ‘hunza quality’ from expressing itself.  Removing interference on a continual basis to this ‘innate’ quality allows the body to express itself optimally physically, socially as well as spiritually.  As long as this ‘innate’ or inner dimension is not allowed to express itself, we live in the chains of what society or science tells you are possible.  Heart disease runs in my family, we are always at war with real or imagined enemies, cancer is inevitable, we need more research, etc.  Remember that the Hunzas lived long before science did and even if they can’t figure them out, they still exist.  Every patient on your table has this ‘imprisoned impulse’ within them.  Release it and bear witness to everyday miracles happening in your office.  Your patients don’t even know it exists inside of them until you make them aware of this through your relationship with them and patient education procedures.  Remove the clouds and the sun shines automatically!