The courage to be a Chiropractor

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to work with the people you love?  As a Chiropractor we sometimes secretly wish there was an ‘easy’ button or a way of accelerating the Innate expression in our loved one’s bodies.  As experience has taught you, there isn’t and you understand it’s very challenging working with people who ‘know’ you instead of practice members who have a very superficial ‘knowingness’ of you.

Maybe it’s a spouse, friend, a relative and maybe even your own child.  How many parents (especially mothers) have adjusted their children and wished the effects were faster?  What happens when the temperature doesn’t break?  The seizures don’t go away, breathing problems, etc.  Perhaps there’s a little guilt as to why the sickness has not left.  Perhaps a little doubt creeps in your mind about the ‘effectiveness’ of ‘tic’.  Or pressure from a non-DC spouse about why the child is not healthy.

Some of our inner circle, Board of Advisors, and many others are aware of the people Dr. Ed and I have reached out to when there appeared to be no solutions.  From babies to seniors, life is a precious gift to be preserved.  Recently I have had a brother in arms, a member of my inner circle stay with me after having a health crisis.  The appearance of the circumstance is extremely daunting.  Over 10 medications a day, stroke, obesity, seizures, diabetes, the list just goes on and on.  Over and over in my mind I found myself trying to fix him.  After all, he’s broken and needs fixing right?  Wrong!

I needed to do what I do best.  That is to remove interference from his nerve system.  He has the same Innate Intelligence that a person not expressing symptoms does.  No more and no less.  Now there may be more interference, but no less Innate.  What about his weight, his loss of health, his stroke, his seizures, etc?  That’s where his belief systems needed reprogramming.  I gave him the very same tools we as Mentor IV DC’s use to reprogram our beliefs about anything: The Accelerator Program, Purpose Cubed, Finding That Something, NRM’s (thank you Dr. Chuck Baxter for instructing him), and Breakthrough/Passion MP3’s.

Why do many DC’s doubt the incredible power of a Chiropractic adjustment?  The same reason we all doubt – our personal programming and what our culture thinks of Chiropractic.  With or without your belief in it, Chiropractic still has an identity.  A DC can either work with this incredible power or they can ignore it.  It is whatever you choose to do.

Thank you, Dr. Chuck Baxter.

He’s going to be okay; not because of the words of a human, but by the promise of health by a higher power.  No, not religion or secularism. The power of life, expression, health and human consciousness.