What if Chiropractic was a myth?

Here is a shortened version of one of our members relating how Chiropractic helped a young Autistic boy in an amazingly short period of time:

“My first autistic patient, a child, non-verbal and deaf screamed and kicked the first few visits but after 4 weeks his mom brought him in with a big smile on her face. He was reacting to the sound of her voice, and at 8 weeks she came in with an even bigger smile and just said, “Show the Doctor” and he sang wheels on the bus to me; mumbled but singing. This child had never spoken words and made no sounds except cries and moans. Now after an adjustment he hugs me and has the best sounding laugh I could ever hear.”

This is truly a miracle.  What would have happened to this little deaf, mute child whom society (according to their beliefs) said was ‘too far gone.’  Why aren’t scientists and MDs beating down the door of this DC (and others like him) to find out how they did it?  Beliefs are so invisible, but yet so visible.  They run our world and shape our lives.  Change is excruciatingly slow, if at all.  It takes such courage to stand up for what you know to be true.

I’m reminded of the time during the 1960’s when African Americans were ostracized because of the melanin content in their skin.  Remember we fought the war to put an end to slavery in the 1860’s.  Then again in the 1960’s Martin Luther King Jr. reminded the majority of society that much has not changed in over 100 years.  He knew what to expect from white people, it was the African Americans that offered the most resistance.  Don’t rock the boat, its not the right time of season for protests, etc.  Many blacks were content to settle for ‘some rights’ instead of full inalienable rights for all men and woman regardless of heritage, religion, or land of origin.

Fast forward to today where there is a certain type of doctor who is in the distinct minority…DCs.  Even when miracles are happenstance in subluxation based offices around the world, the allopathic beliefs are so strong and dominant that they are generally ignored or dismissed as ‘misdiagnosed’ or they really weren’t that bad.  Many in our own profession downplay these healing miracles.  Many DCs don’t even believe that the nerve system can have interference.  They take their seat on the metaphorical ‘back of the bus’ and keep their mouths shut.  No mention of the subluxation word, seeing children as a strictly off the menu and don’t see anybody that doesn’t have symptoms.  They are unfortunately settling for ‘some rights’ instead of full rights.  A dark shadow begins to form on their humanity.

It took brave men and woman to bring ‘full rights’ back to African Americans.  It will take the same thing to restore ‘full rights’ back to Chiropractors.  Without courage, many DCs, as long as they earn an income will ‘turn their heads’ when it comes to standing before people in truth.  Just because the majority believes vehemently in something, does not make it true.  Some things never change…until men and women of courage forge the change against overwhelming odds.  The earth is flat, can’t run a sub four minute mile, Native Americans are no longer living, and yes…Chiropractic is a myth.