Okay, but is there really equality in Chiropractic?


If there is a speed bump in the road for female DCs…it’s money. You might be attempting to do add-ons, get new bright shiny objects, and modalities to attract new patients. These external factors provide temporary, if any, results. Being out of fair exchange reflects a chronic internal issue, not something external. Not being valued isn’t all economic (although a lot is!) it’s more of you not being aligned with your life’s purpose. You’re falling short of sharing your unique and amazing gift with the world.

 There’s so much more to the practice of Chiropractic than adjusting.  Remember in bygone student days how simple student clinic was….okay, minus the paperwork!

Welcome to the real world.

 No matter how much you think you can avoid them, your relationship building skills and communication skills will be on display to all of your patients.

As a result of these skills, patients will love the experience of coming to your office and gladly pay you inside or outside of insurance, follow your recommendations, refer, etc…or they won’t.

Most female DCs have unresolved inner and emotional resistance about money and conflict with other. Especially strangers, which…happens to be your next new patient. They spend too much time seeking approval and acceptance from others. In some ways, you become the “parent” of patients and do what’s right, rather than help them fully understand Chiropractic.

The consequence of not developing your inner gifts is that you pay a huge price in practice and life. The quality of your life is less than it should be.

In spite of all your efforts to overcome this blatant shortcoming, it doesn’t get better. Over time you find yourself in doubt of your talents and have resentment towards the very people you serve. Symptoms include (but aren’t limited to) being walked on, having patients not take you seriously, paying bills and just getting by, new patient numbers dropping, and having a hobby practice.     

A lot of female DCs predictably flock to more academia, certifications, and pediatrics. Then only to realize that these don’t directly translate into higher income or fulfillment.

You have all the socially acceptable excuses for not having a practice that expresses your true talents and abilities.  “I wouldn’t want to see more people or earn more income”.  “It’s not about the money”.  “I am more focused on the kids and my spouses”.

The good news is with TNR it’s not either or…you can have a great family life as well as being ultra-successful.

 It is so rewarding to have an ambitious, courageous female DC contact us and say, “I’m not okay with my practice and want to do something about it.”

Who will be the next female DC that reclaims her right to be ultra successful, have a great family life with vacations, etc?  If you are truly humanitarian and care about your patients, are interested in producing superior clinical results and desire to earn 3,5,10x your current income schedule a video conference or call and let’s get to know one each other.