What is the truth?


It’s never been harder to be truthful with patients. Everything has been reduced in society to instantaneous, less than 140 characters, or sports highlights.  Anything that can’t be explained in a few words is dismissed and laughed at for not being relevant.  When it comes to your recommendations, don’t cave because the patient is impatient. Nobody likes to be unhealthy, in pain, or otherwise limited. But the fact is, it took time to get in this state of being unhealthy and it will take time to move towards health. With a national average of only a handful of visits, it’s so tempting to join the majority in saying what Chiropractic is.

 But it isn’t the truth, not by a long shot.

When there is bad or unexpected news, many DCs will attempt to water it down. Honest people want to hear what you have to say, straight up.

Let them react as they will. You come from truth, clinical excellence, and are there to have their back (no pun intended, haha!). They might leave your office in search of different results that are faster, more convenient, and less expensive…and that’s okay. As long as they know the truth and haven’t been deceived.

How you can lose your patient’s trust

Follow insurance guidelines to the letter: your patients will know if you are making your own decisions or someone is pulling the strings. Keep your patient’s trust.

You let your patients negotiate with your recommendations and fees: this is a sure sign to them that you’re willing to cut corners and will cave under pressure. Difficult case-patients that are a must win, they’re looking for leaders who will stay strong. Keep your patient’s trust.

When results don’t happen in a handful of visits and they have been to many, many other doctors…you attempt to refer out: Meooww!  If there ever was a time to stay strong, this is it.  Keep your patient’s trust.

Steadfastly refuse to see kids:  We are the only doctors across the board that will not see kids, it goes against nature and the true identity of Chiropractic. Many of us started out not seeing kids and then made a conscious choice to help kids and adults. You can too! Keep your patient’s trust.

Lessons from an expert personal trainer

When a 300-pound person screams up and down and demands to be in shape in a few weeks, the personal trainer listens to their ranting and says: “are you done…let’s get to work”.  They either agree with you or look for the next version of ‘thigh master”, one-minute fitness…they want to lose weight while they sleep.

Imagine if you said: “yeah, you’re right let’s do it in a few visits and everything will be okay” to your patient?  You know you’re not telling the truth. Now that you’ve allowed this to happen you’ve entered a relationship that doesn’t have integrity.

When DCs call or email TNR, there is frequently a fatigue, an anxiety or a tiredness bordering on depression.  It’s because of losing the trust of patients over and over.  They are trying to do the right thing, but unbeknownst to them, they are hurting the patient as well as themselves.

The only way to lose the trust of your patients is to stop telling the truth. No matter what you think you are going to gain, you will lose your patient’s trust as well as your own.

Keep your patient’s trust. We have the tools for you to build a trusting relationship with your patient. You won’t have to convince or sell to them anymore, they’ll want to participate in their health.

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