Chiro mojo, anyone?


You now spend 50% of your time doing notes, EHR, compliance issues, corresponding with patients about their finances, altering your recommendations to fit insurance guidelines (who is the doctor?), demanding more from your staff and getting less, and you are still doing symptom and pain relief only: if you’re honest with yourself.

 What gives?

I’ve found with coaching north of a thousand DCs, that most are just not having fun anymore.

Along with this loss of fun, a lot of the DCs are accepting lower rates of return from their practices. You know you should be growing, so why are you actually shrinking?

Being told by demanding and never satisfied patients about how to practice gets old very fast. They don’t respect you. Which robs you of the joy and profit of what you have always wanted to do.

For all of the supposed varied problems (new patients, care above and beyond pain relief, retention, insurance woes, kids, wellness care, and difficult cases) in Chiropractic today, the solution to all of those is one; have a person in your corner that has seen it all before and will hold you accountable to achieve your goals.

It’s the stubborn thinking that you are going to figure it out alone and that you’re struggling with something that nobody else has.

Shortcuts tempt many DCs into thinking they can cut corners when it comes to being to best doctor and the best version of themselves.  Slick salesmanship and betraying the trust of patients is not an option.

If you are truly interested in seeing what your office would look like with each patient increasing your income by 3, 5, 10x what it is now, then this program is for you.

If you’re alright with just getting by and paying bills or feel like being an average DC, then this program isn’t for you.

However, if you want to see once and for all a way of having the practice of your dreams without having to sell weight loss powder to be a rehab facility, then call The New Renaissance headquarters ASAP. Learn how you can change the course of your practice.

It’s time to get your Chiro Mojo back.