Are you asleep at the wheel?

No matter when you graduated, you’ve heard about how Chiropractic ‘used to be’.  Whether you experienced it yourself or just heard about it, it has the effect of making most DCs feel pretty inadequate. $500 for X-Rays, $150 adjustments, unlimited or next to it care parameters, limited or no paperwork, and no progress reports or having to get permission from gatekeepers to care for patients, it seemed like a prayer was answered.

No matter how principled or caring DCs were: temptation is temptation.

As a result of temptation, many Chiropractors started to put the ‘printing of money’ as their primary job. They stopped doing what was best for the patients and saw only what was best for them in the long run.

They didn’t sell out, they just saw an opportunity to have a better lifestyle and provide better for their families and they ‘went for it’.

Adult pain relief only was the new fad. Kids, difficult cases, and educating patients was abandoned to hop on the gravy train of easy money.

The emphasis went from helping people to income. They looked at patients as what they could get out of them. They stopped assisting whole families to regain and maintain their health and became interested in getting as much as they could up front with a small number of visits.

The trust in Chiropractic was lost…and it showed with declining incomes of DCs. The love of Chiropractic and the sacred connection to patients was lost.

Multiple streams of income and slick salesmanship and marketing made its way to the Chiropractic arena. Soon, these multiple income streams dominated over the Chiropractic office.

The fundamental question that’s never asked is: if you truly love being a DC and knew how to keep your patients and multiply them (predictably & sustainably) inside or outside of insurance, would you rely on other streams on income?

There are problems with these multiple streams of income. Much like a steroid, they work in the beginning and then they have very diminishing returns. Then it happens…the slew of side effects. They don’t get used and are dried up. Here today, expensive to buy, and gone tomorrow. They aren’t sustainable and usually geared towards insurance coverage.

I’m not here to convince or prove to you about what’s right in your office. That’s for you to decide.

Some of the side effects of all of these multiple streams of income are insurance dependency with all the accompanying paperwork, rejection, writing off thousands upon thousands of dollars of work you performed, relationships strain, the fun of practice is gone, and you will lose the meaning and purpose of your life…just to name a few. Your office will become just a job, you lose your mojo. The smile is on your face but not in your eyes.

I’m here to identify DCs who want to earn 3,5,10x the income of other DCs doing what we do best… practice without betraying the trust of your patient. There’s nothing wrong with weight loss programs, however, did you go through 9 years of college to help people lose weight?

Didn’t think so.

It’s your choice to have great things in your life. You can close your eyes and pray for the good times to come back or you can create relationships of trust and communicate and educate each patient.

It’s time to take the control back in your life. If you feel like it’s a good time to start your journey, let’s schedule a free 15-minute phone or video consultation. It could be a defining moment for you and your practice.