Stop being a doormat!!


If there is a peacemaking and fence mending gender: its females. There is a more prominent kindness about them. Unfortunately, in your office, this can mean the kiss of death.  You want to be accepted by your patients and be their friend but this can have a detrimental effect. It can hurt the patient/doctor relationship and cripple the clinical results by caving and in blunt terms, letting the inmates run the asylum. Your economics can also be compromised when a patient tries to use their influence over you. They’ll disagree with recommendations, fees, co-pays, deductibles, and not take you seriously. Being a doormat will not help you or the patient.

Being a female DC is an asset, not a liability. The healing ability, nurturing, communication, and relationship building skills suit a female DC to a tee.

Some of the behaviors and habits that don’t fit are letting others (insurance companies, patients, CAs, spouses, in-laws, etc) tell you what to do.

You are the doctor and you need to be treated as such.

Letting go of other people’s expectations and opinions is not easy, but it can happen.

From my experience of coaching hundreds of female DCs: you know exactly how you want to practice but don’t know how to get there.

A high percentage of female DCs I have coached began as associates. They quickly learned that the environment they were in was not conducive to helping people. So…you adjust people and form great relationships but you don’t get paid and work someone else’s dream…that won’t happen with The New Renaissance.

At the beginning of your associate-ship, you are just happy to be there and have a place to go. But after a while, it seems more like a prison as your passion and dreams begin to dry up. Basically, you’re settling. The world at large says you can’t be successful in practice and in your family life. It has to be one or the other.

Finding your authentic voice will allow you to practice the way YOU choose. It will give you a new found confidence. This authentic voice will also help give you the freedom to participate or opt out of insurance dependency (and still be successful). Ready for care above and beyond back and neck pain only? Who’s ready to see kids, difficult cases, and keep patients on track with wellness?

If you’re ready to reclaim your authentic voice and self and practice how you choose, allow me to help. Let’s set up a time for a phone or video chat. You’ve held your tongue long enough!